I work in a public library and we recently acquired a book of kink stories and I was SO APPALLED. I wanted to quit because of it, because normalizing this shit is what is putting women at risk of violence and now the library is making this available like it's perfectly healthy to read ? D: It's such a sickness in our society.

Oh, and need I remind you that our Acquisitions Librarian is male. And he's the only one who is choosing what books go into our collection. So you can imagine just what is being chosen.

Ugh, fuck that. Is he your boss? Maybe suggest that others should have some input?

He's not but our management has the celebrated tendency to not give a shit about any concerns of their employees. If any change is going to happen it needs to come from outside from our patrons being able to raise enough of a stink about it, but most of them don't seem aware of the issues. They just either ignore all the TRA books or take them and hide them among the stacks. I'm like "SAY SOMETHING TO MANAGEMENT!" If the protests were loud enough our director wouldn't have a choice but to listen because, hey, the library is run by the taxpayers who pay his salary after all. :P

that's probably good information to be spreading around though. It's likely to be similar at a lot of public libraries, and the more people understand about how things work, the better chance we have to impact how things are. If we see books we don't like, everyone needs to know that they have power to change things, by stating clearly that they do not see the value of this material being chosen and do not agree with its purchase when other books could be acquired instead.

If it's made into a book-banning style protest or people look too offended that will be seen as conservative or "kink shaming" and generally look bad. But if people stick to calmly pointing out that it is worthless, not educational, valuable, positive material, and especially if it's possible to suggest items that are not in the library but you think should be - look up any female or minority writers, make sure they have everything you can come up with - then it can just be discussing a problem with management. Why is the library stocking trashy stories when it is lacking classics, what a poor job they are doing, type thing. It might not get rid of every copy of every piece of crap that is there but at least it can send messages to influence the next round - the more who speak up, the more likely...