For some reason I can’t get the link to work, but the title was horrifying.

Even if this was an innocent kink she’s still free to not be in a relationship with him for it.

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Recently saw an AITA on Reddit where a woman was shamed for “controlling” and “manipulating” her boyfriend by asking him to stop looking at nude photos of ex-partners. Nope. That is a huge red flag that he is probably a cheater, she is well within her rights to ask her boyfriend to stop looking at other women naked, that is a normal and reasonable request and how entitled are men to think that their partners should just tolerate them ogling naked women they used to have sex with?? Gross.

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Are you serious??? This is utterly insane, but I don't even know why I am surprised. Of course males would support depraved male behavior. As if nude images of random women wouldn't be bad enough, but exes?!? Women he's shared love and intimacy with? Where there might still be feelings involved? Hell no! How could anyone with sense think that's okay, and worse yet, think that she is in the wrong for having an issue with it?

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I'm so sick of how this movement gaslights women and makes us into villains.

Some people can masturbate to images of people getting stabbed and raped and crying and lead ethical lives and be good neighbors or whatnot ?

Am I the only one who immediately thought "yeah, like Ted Bundy" ?

EXACTLY. I don't understand how he doesn't know what type of males typically find gore arousing. It's not the wholesome boy next door. This stuff is pathological, and it often times escalated to actual violence. There are so many serial killers and violent rapists who were found to be engrossed in that type of "content".

I mean, this is exactly the sort of reaction many people with this sort of interest fear...

Ok, here’s a truth bomb about shame; it’s like pain. Nobody likes to feel it (barring these peeves maybe), but it’s necessary because it tells you there’s something wrong with you. Should it be applied to things like homosexuality? Of course not. Should it be applied to enjoying the murder and rape of other people and living beings? Yes!

It shouldn’t hurt to walk. It should hurt to bang your foot otherwise you’d bang it so hard you’d crush it.

So take your shame guys and get treated. Solve the underlying problem with yourselves.

This makes me want to shake that woman and scream “GIRL THAT’S NOT ANXIETY THAT IS YOUR SURVIVAL INSTINCT!!!” Anger, disgust and repulsion are appropriate responses to this depraved male.

The moment you find yourself enjoying gore/snuff porn you should recognise you have a problem and seek professional help. Anything else deserves shaming.

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In college my girlfriends and I were on a guy’s computer at his apartment and for some reason got to see all his disgusting porn. We renamed all the file folders and shuffled them to mix it with family photos and term papers.

Hopefully it screwed things up for him somehow.

There’s nothing wrong with kink shaming.

After all, most men shame women who just want “vanilla” sex.

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They also shame those who don't. Suddenly totally normal women are 'demisexual' instead of just women.

There is no correct way to be a woman

The whole concept of kink-shaming needs to be put in the trash.

It’s all in the lingo, really. No to “kink-shaming”, yes to “depravity-spotlighting”.

Exactly. (I realized hours later how ambiguous my post was. facepalm)

I first heard the term kink-shaming about fanfiction. It should never have been applied to anything else.

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