We definitely need more kink shaming. Women should be able to talk about their boundaries and what makes them uncomfortable. More kink shaming, less boundary shaming in 2022.


I work in a public library and we recently acquired a book of kink stories and I was SO APPALLED. I wanted to quit because of it, because normalizing this shit is what is putting women at risk of violence and now the library is making this available like it's perfectly healthy to read ? D: It's such a sickness in our society.

Oh, and need I remind you that our Acquisitions Librarian is male. And he's the only one who is choosing what books go into our collection. So you can imagine just what is being chosen.

I hope that book mysteriously gets lost.

It's absolutely the sort of book some person would forget to return, never to be seen again. Or you know it could be in the library but wow nobody can ever locate the copy, gee, maybe someone stole it....

Ugh, fuck that. Is he your boss? Maybe suggest that others should have some input?

He's not but our management has the celebrated tendency to not give a shit about any concerns of their employees. If any change is going to happen it needs to come from outside from our patrons being able to raise enough of a stink about it, but most of them don't seem aware of the issues. They just either ignore all the TRA books or take them and hide them among the stacks. I'm like "SAY SOMETHING TO MANAGEMENT!" If the protests were loud enough our director wouldn't have a choice but to listen because, hey, the library is run by the taxpayers who pay his salary after all. :P

More kink shaming, less boundary shaming in 2022.

Boundary shaming - what a great term. I’m going to use that.

Yes, because perfectly normal and ethical people watch other people getting tortured for fun for shits and giggles.

I wonder when the first ISIS warrior who held Yezidi women as sex slaves will try to use "it was my kink, your honor!" as an excuse.

I'm sure the ultra woke would say, "it's their culture to take sex slaves. How DARE you judge!!!!!!!!!!1"

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I think it’s pretty sinister how sexual perversions, paraphilias, sex offenses and antisocial behaviours are now rebranded as “kink”. Fuck your “kink”.

Ya I mean "kinky" used to be wanting to have sex with the lights on.

Is that not normal?

I read a "better sex" book from the 70s and they recommended putting on candles. So I guess it wasn't normal back then. All the drawings had lots of hair, too.

It didn't used to be, and you can still find that theme in older works. In the movie version of "In her Shoes" Toni Collette and her Nigel play it out in a scene. He turns the lights on, she turns them off...

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That reply is delusional. Getting off on weird stuff is like watching tickling fetish videos or balloon popping or something. Watching women get stabbed and r*ped? That's criminal. If that's what gets you off, you should be afraid of people's responses, and you should be in therapy.

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Fantasies about raping and murdering women is not normal. I can't believe people are trying to normalize the behavior of serial killers. So glad she dumped him. She's less likely to get murdered now. I would change my number and move so when he decides to bring his fantasy to life he can't find me! WTF!

exactly. fantasizing about hurting people is horrific, but watching videos of women being tortured, raped, and killed is downright psychopathic.

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In college my girlfriends and I were on a guy’s computer at his apartment and for some reason got to see all his disgusting porn. We renamed all the file folders and shuffled them to mix it with family photos and term papers.

Hopefully it screwed things up for him somehow.

Lumping these sick fucks in with the "LGBTQWTF2SDKFB" community is going to bite gays and lesbians in the ass if mainstream "queer" organizations don't stop coddling them. Kinks are not inescapable. And even if they are, we are still right to shame them and tell other women not to date men who get off on violence and rape.

It makes me RAGE when progressive morons equate kink shaming with homophobia and racism!!

I think it's more liberal agenda than LGB related. This is a straight couple.

But your point still stands that a lot of people don't care for perverts. And being a pervert isn't a protected class or even an identity.

For example. No cares if a man likes to stick cucumbers 🥒 up his butt. The problem is he won't stop talking about it and wants to show you photos.

And when you're rightfully disgusted you get called a prude, or if the offender is LGBT, some kind of phobic.

People want to act as if social decorum doesn't help us live in a functional society.

I think it's more liberal agenda than LGB related. This is a straight couple.

That is true of this particular scenario. I think u/pennygadget might have been referring to the fact that "kink" has had a surprisingly strong presence at Pride in recent years, to the point that it is now heavily correlated with the LGBT community. Even young children are exposed to kink through Pride, and the parents just accept it because it's "LGBT-adjascent" in their minds, so opposing it would be bigoted.

No cares if a man likes to stick cucumbers 🥒 up his butt.

Well, some might care. But they’ll never know as long as the man isn’t fool enough to show anyone.

He will have to show someone when he inevitably ends up in the ER. The amount of males who turn up to hospital with foreign objects lodged in their rectum is actually astonishing. It's the reason that anal sex toys are constructed with "stoppers", a wide base or handle that prevents the object from going to the point of no return. But since a lot of men are too embarrassed to buy sex toys, or to admit that they like butt stuff at all, they just use vegetables, hairspray cans, lightbulbs, GI Joe action figures...they can get creative. 😅

It makes me RAGE when progressive morons equate kink shaming with homophobia and racism!!

Right?! It's so inappropriate, and a slap in the face to everyone who experiences actual oppression.

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OMG...this is appalling. Is the world now full of sociopaths? Why everyone isn't saying, "You just escaped with your life, please report him to the police," is beyond my grasp and I lose faith in humanity every day.

Betty White's death isn't helping my mood.

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