This is a good article but now "witch" is a term used by many TIMs. The r/witchesagainstpatriarchy is an echo chamber of man validation.

well fuck them. They are not witches, nor mothers, nor women, nor the arbiters of language.

That subreddit is where I first encountered anti-terf culture. Memes, pile-ons, denunciations. TIMs just can't stay away from women's spaces, and once in them, they can't STFU about it. That place is an utter patriarchal sausagefest now, which is both sad and ironically hilarious.

One of the TIM mods of that sub was the one who made me peak. I had no clue about the whole trans mess, I was an ally, thinking that the T was just another rightful part of the LGB movement. I asked a question on another sub because some lesbians were complaining that they couldn't have a space for "Cis lesbians who are attracted to other Cis lesbians only". It was a genuine question. I got banned from the sub. I started asking more questions. Here I am. They are their worst enemies.

also? I shall maintain they can be "wizards", which also publicly acknowledges JKR.

I have to admit I don't get it (and I am prepared for downvotes lmao). What is 'witchcraft' and how is it feminist? Are we talking about female only groups and like, knowing herbal medicines or something? Then I guess I'm for it. But what about this woowoo 'casting spells' religion is feminist? I mean I like the aesthetic as much as anyone else but surely they can't be entirely serious about it?

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I know not everyone on the outside is going to see it this way, but witchcraft is the act of owning one's power and using it to enact change. My craft is directly linked to feminism. That said, not everyone's is. But historically, a woman owning her power has been a fantastic act of rebellion. Why do you think they burned "witches"?

And witchcraft itself isn't a religion. It's a practice.

but what exactly is the 'craft' or the practice?

It varies by person, and for me this is a very personal question that I'm not prepared to answer in a public forum because my answer could doxx me.

Magic isn't real. Religions that are feminine are still bad and fake.