This is such a great resource.

All the reasons given are amazing and would be great to send to someone wondering about this.

And is there no self awareness from the University that they are telling women they should resort to being prostitutes to pay them? (In an ideal world a University would give tuition to a promising woman resorting to prostitution so she could escape that life)

  • Signed ’cos few things scream “class war” loudest to my ears than the notion of “sex work”. Signed for working class women, for marginalised women, for women in and of the global south.

  • Anything that normalises the buying and selling of sex entrenches archaic attitudes about the position of women and their status as objects.

  • This is not work – it’s the exploitation of women framed as an expression of women’s rights – for whose benefit?

  • Education is supposed to offer women more choices. Prostitution is viewed as a final resort to solve destitution.

  • The very fact that the toolkit exists is a recognition that prostitution is inherently dangerous.

This post provides a selection of the brilliant comments that people left on the petition explaining why they were signing it. Here is one:

"Jayne Gosnall: I know this dreadful business from the inside, and I worked with students, single mums etc….I can promise you that every single one of us was worth more than to be bought by men for their pleasure. Worth so very much more. Let’s get THAT bit right instead of enabling & facilitating their abuse. Sex by coercion (even financial) is rape."

If you haven't already signed the petition, please do so: