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"Were murdered." Right. Like "Became pregnant." Passive voice, much. Let's rewrite the headline.

"Men murdered at least four Black women and girls per day in the US last year."

Let's rewrite all the headlines.

This article is so vague. Who is doing this? How do we stop it? “Is/are killed”? The passive voice isn’t helping. We aren’t supposed to call the cops. Okay.

Missing and murdered black women are a huge problem. How do we make a dent in it? Should people outside these communities even try to get involved, or will we do more harm than good?

Black men most likely, due to history of segregation by race in US.

It's something that no group (and that includes whites) wants to admit. The majority of femicides are committed by someone within the same racial or ethnic group.

And when you say anything about it, people get really uncomfortable and want you to shut up. I would rather people see me as a racist if it meant keeping more women and girls safe, it's worse to ignore it because it makes you uncomfortable.

I believe Asian people are an exception and likely Jewish as well. Otherwise yeah. I have also heard/seen that white men will prey upon black and native girls because they know the cops won’t be as pressed to catch the perp.

It seems like “getting law enforcement to give a fuck” would be a good first step. But so far it hasn’t worked despite a lot of conversation around it.

But the point is that it's men. Black men don't give a shit about black women, just like white men don't give a shit about white women, Asian men don't give a shit about Asian women, etc. etc.

Women of all races and orientations have much much more in common with each other than any man of any race. And once we realize that, we'll be unstoppable.

It's funny but we hear so much about black men being murdered. Yet so little about black women being murdered.

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One of those charity organizations mentioned in the article is based in California and includes black women and "femmes" in their target group on their site. 🙄 The whole article minces phrases to avoid pointing out the obvious. EDITED