This is horrifying. Even without the whole unspeakable stress of homelessness, just trying to sleep at all on a bus or train is dire. They would never get true rest and that is just one more thing destroying their health.

The women who take refuge from the freezing cold of winter to sleep in buses do not have any homes. They mostly used to sleep under the bridge, on a bench in a park, bus stations, and even in empty graves and underground holes.

These impoverished women get on a bus to have a few hours of sleep in a warm place, but they must change their bus at every end station.

These women prefer to sleep in a bus than to the cityโ€™s few warm shelters because they are mistreated and insulted there.


The state-run Fararu website published a story on January 2, 2022, about a teenage girl in Khuzestan. The young woman, 17, had to sell her body to have two hours of cool air conditioning.