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I'm concerned about the potential that too much dwelling on our differences and accusing some of the women of 'power' could cause infighting among feminists. I feel something is off about how literally every other possible form of oppression (racism, ageism, classism, etc) is implied to be 'worse' than sex-based oppression. The hatred and blaming of white middle/upper class women (Karens?) does make me raise my eyebrows, because the only oppressed group white middle/upper women are from is the 'women' group. This sneering and snickering and eye-rolling at white women to me seems to imply a bigger message of disagreement that womanhood on its own is grounds enough for oppression. It seems to be questioning that we are oppressed based on our sex...it also says 'gender' is not biological and that it can change? Also makes unbelievable blanket statements...'Black feminists say that the family unit isn't oppressive, but white feminists say it is.' I highly doubt that all Black feminists and all white feminists think those respective things...the phrasing is us vs them esque. The differences in 'power' (compared to the average male barely any woman other than maybe a celebrity really has any semblance of power in this society) between women actually should not make it hard for us to come together for many causes...reproductive rights, beauty standards, TIMs, domestic violence, r*pe, etc are causes that women of all backgrounds can relate to and come together to fight.

It's basically become perfectly ok to say in progressive circles that a large group of women (ie; white women) are deceptive, cunning, emotionally manipulative, and use their "tears" to get their way like children. This will hurt all women in the end, trust me.

^ yes, yes it will, because it's hatred directed toward all of our femaleness.

June Jordan says that 'much organizational grief could be avoided if people understood that partnership in misery does not necessarily provide for partnership for change: when we get the monsters off our backs all of us may want to run in very different directions'

This quote stood out to me as being especially relevant to the Gender Critical movement. Still being sane enough to know that it's impossible to change sex and not being abusive or predatory enough to support men in women's prisons is very thin ground for alliance. That's a big tent, and most of us in it don't want the same things. After the smoke clears, that will be very clear I think.

This is an excellent quote! "...partnership in misery does not necessarily provide for partnership for change..."