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From the comments:

“For female drivers, it is impossible to wear the men’s pants provided by Walmart specifically made to fit only male employees due to anatomical differences between the sexes,” the complaint states... I'm not saying this lawsuit isn't without merit but I beg to differ on the statement above. I am a woman and buy men's pants all the time. they actually fit better and are cheaper

And an MRA praises her

The difference Lynn, is you sound reasonable and rational. You have realistic expectations and I have a feeling you aren't a "victim" of life.

I can’t believe the gall of some women to undermine efforts of women to make the world a better place for women.

Sure, Lynn, they may fit YOU better, but you’d be in the minority. This isn’t the time and place to brag about how lucky you are that the men’s clothing department works out so well for you to save you dollars. Average sex differences below the waist lead to smaller waists, wider hips, different pelvic tilt, no external sex organs (if you look at pants drafted for men vs women, you’d see that the U curve (where your crotch goes) is different, rounder butts, and wider thighs.

What happens when there’s not enough room in the seat of the pants? You end up having to keep pulling your pants up to readjust them. And you may experience frequent wedgies.

What happens when you have to buy larger sizes to fit your hips and thighs? The waistband is completely useless because men don’t need smaller waistbands than the hips. A belt would not help. The amount of fabric being scrunched up by the belt would cause physical discomfort.

Now, this comment replies to a different MRA

Scrubs are generally loose fitting with either a cinch tie or an elastic band at the top of the pants to secure them. This makes them pretty gender neutral as far as fit. Work pants that are not scrubs are not loose fitting and have zippers/buttons. Male work pants are made for the straight frame of a male while female pants are made for the curvy female form. A woman wearing normal male work pants would have to deal with either the waist of the pants being too big so the hip area accommodates female hips or have those hips squeezed into pants that are very tight in that area to have the waist fit. This is absolutely a case of discrimination for that reason. It's not a style thing, and it is more than just a comfort thing. It is a safety thing. In the OR you are moving quite a bit, you have very low risk in that job of developing a dvt from a poorly fitting uniform. In a job that requires you to sit for hours at a time they are at high risk already for developing dvt, as a health care professional you should be well informed on the risks associated with long periods sitting in 1 position without moving. How many patients have you seen in your career that were admitted for DVT/MI/CVA/PE due to driving long hours with insufficient breaks to move. Combine that major risk factor with poorly fitting uniforms and Walmart is handing them the choice to risk death from these medical emergencies or pay for their own uniforms while male employees do not have to face the same choice

Well said.

Another puts him in his place too:

As someone who used to order scrubs for the nursing students at my former employer, I know for a fact that there are Male, Female, and Unisex style scrubs made by multiple suppliers, like Cherokee and others. You OR probably has unisex scrubs if they all look exactly the same.
Men's scrubs pants are generally narrower in the hips than women's, and thus the discomfort if a real woman was forced to wear men's clothing.

Guess I'm not a real woman since I don't find men's clothing uncomfortable??

I'm really fucking sick of the idea that all "real women" have curves.

I'm a woman, I don't have curves, what now?

Literally no one said that. Maybe things don't have to be 100% about your own situation and you can listen and empathize with women for whom men's clothing obviously don't fit. Show some solidarity. Come on.

Same here lol. Seriously cannot relate when the women here complain about men's clothes not fitting.