“For female drivers, it is impossible to wear the men’s pants provided by Walmart specifically made to fit only male employees due to anatomical differences between the sexes,”

Whole lot of TERFing going on in that article. Impossible seems like a stretch, but definitely uncomfortable for the majority of women.

I remember trying to buy levi jeans as a teenager, when I complained to staff that I couldn't find a pair to fit they said the women's cut was basically the same as the men's cut. I gave up because there was no way I was putting up with that extra amount of material at the waist. Unbelievable to be expected to do that at work.

My dad would have said that this isn't discrimination because they are offering men and women the same thing - he said something along those lines when we discussed female police officers complaining that their body armour didn't fit a female body. Some people just honestly don't see the issue with man being the standard human and women having to fit in around that.

You just made me realize why I could never find nice jeans that fit me as a teen. They always had a huge waist and you could see straight down my back into my underwear. I used to think I was freakishly malformed and was really paranoid about it for years! All because Levi’s couldn’t be bothered to make pants for women. Disgusting.

Re: your dad, I wonder if he would agree if the "same thing" was female pants for everyone.

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His logic for the police officers was along the lines of 'well women have demanded to be allowed to do these dangerous roles so they should just accept that the body armour is shaped like that'. He also complained that a women's only jungle trek he read about was discriminatory against men.

Just one of the many subjects we butted heads on over the years.