Back in the day I would have loved to buy men's trousers--they suited my style much better--but wasn't able to wear them. A shame a woman can be so clueless about most women's bodies.

Same. For me, it’s the era of women’s low rise pants. Couldn’t wear men’s pants due to anatomical differences, so I had to quit wearing pants altogether. People gave me grief for wearing skirts everywhere.

LOL I remember that dark time...:) I kept wearing trousers but had to work really hard to find pairs that didn't show my navel (and spent a LOT of money on them whenever I managed to).

Same. They were so tight and cut across the hip bone in the most excruciating place. Pants were physically painful to wear in the 2000s, I was 100% leggings and skirts.

I remember. I didn’t know hip bones could hurt until then.

Did they do the old “who are you dressing up for?” “Why are you always dressing up?” in a judgmental tone on you? I got that a lot.