R.I.P. Ashling Murphy. R.I.P.

Another day. Another woman murdered by a man.

However, I was VERY pleased that the article's framework was male-on-female violence, even if the author did allude to the NotAllMen meme. Also, the NotAllMen meme was countered by another meme, YesAllWomen (realize that they're, potentially, prey for opportunistic male predators).

It was really well written and I’m glad she touched on several forms of violence against women. I impatiently await the article that wants to discuss the actual culture that contributes to male entitlement without flinching.

I love her # name the problem stance

viewing violence against women as though it is an unstoppable force of nature, as opposed to a man-made phenomenon.

And how she talks about how it starts early and exists at all levels.

gender-based violence, which starts in primary schools

full spectrum of violence against women, from low-level online harassment

It does not need to be stated (though inevitably the hashtags started shortly after the first reports emerging, so I will put it on record again) that not all men are predators. The overwhelming majority are good and decent and every bit as horrified and angry as women

Of course this has to be in the top of the article.

Of course it does to silence the braying of the men and handmaidens.

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We get it, not all men are predators. That's the point; women cannot know if a man in our lives is a predator UNTIL THEY PREDATE ON US/A WOMAN WE KNOW!!! Then instead of actually punishing the predator and making it clear society doesn't support this anti-social behavior, these men are shielded and supported in their predation and the women are punished/shamed/criticized/judged for their failure to "protect themselves/act responsibly"!? Not all men are predators, but all male-run societies shield and protect the men who are predators. Men choose to lump themselves in with the predators when they continually refuse to ostracize the predators and challenge their behaviors. Instead, men give their friends fist-bumps and bro-shakes for "fcking btches and h*es" and "scoring", like women are just objects to be conquered or dominated and not full human beings worthy of respect.


Not all men are predators, but all men have not changed their own culture to stop the ones that are. They have demanded women change, adjust, and account for their counterparts who are predators, rather than asking why and how their culture produces predators and how to stop it.

Not all men are predators, but all men have not changed their own culture to stop the ones that are.

That means that all men are essentially predators, or no better than.

It seems that all men, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, whatever, ALL of them have a different part of their brain activate when dealing with another man, as opposed to when dealing with a woman. With a man : The part dedicated to interpersonal communication. With a woman : The part dedicated to assessing objects.

While this does not mean that every man automatically thinks all women are nonsentient objects, it does make it easier for them to believe this, if it comforts them for their own failings whether real or perceived (incels, red pillers, mgtows, etc). And I believe that this apparently inborn feature of the human male brain explains millenia of religion, philosophy, law, custom/mores....And why a few men can see a woman walking around, and feel entitled to kidnap, rape, and murder her. Maybe it's not many in actual numbers: But the true crime channels never seem to run low on monsters to document.

I read that it was two women that tried to help her. How much do you want to bet that men walked by and minded their own business?

The BBC had a deplorable headline to this story too. That a woman "was attacked". By who? Animals? Why can't they just straight up say that a man attacked a woman?

Nope, no can do. Passive voice. Euphemisms. Abstractions. Convoluted constructions, the more obtuse, the better.

I wrote on another thread that I have become convinced that the No. 1 requirement for becoming a professional journalist is a clear understanding that one must never, ever, under any circumstances Name the Problem.

Jennifer O’Connell: Platitudes don’t keep women safe. We need a national strategy

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The strategy would have to include a complete dismantling of society, because the root cause of why men murder women so much is because of their hatred for us and their lack of respect for our humanity.