Are men human?

The older I get, the more I wonder about this myself. There are moments where I just flat out believe that males are degenerates.

Hell in a hand basket. Sometimes I think men are another species...one from a far and treacherous planet. To disrupt the vigil of a girl murdered, most likely, by a sexual male predator, by...masturbating incognito.

Pathetic wanker.

Women can be bad but the lowest scums of humanity is represented almost exclusively by men.

I'm not sure they're human either. Everything they say about us is always shown, when you pause and look deeper, to be them projecting their worst qualities on us. They have asserted for millennia that we are "sub-human/non-human". So I think we all know what that means for them. I think we might be justified in keeping them in zoos.

The internet does nothing but enable psychopaths to flourish and harm others. Especially women and kids.

I hope they catch this piece of shit. Zoom can go fuck itself too.

At the start of the pandemic I read an interview by pornographers about how they were going to continue making porn in a locked down world. One of them said the idea of men hacking into a zoom call full of women and masturbating was “hot” and she planned an entire series based around the concept. So porn copies real life, and real life copies porn. And women are trapped in the middle.

That “she” shook me. What kind of woman finds Zoom masturbators hot?! I guess she also finds old school raincoat flashers and subway gropers “hot?”

Or she really knows her audience. 😬

Sigh We had a man appear in a state of undress in a zoom call for our women's group at work lately. HR had to issue a formal apology for it.

Color me shocked.

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Also this: Group accused of 'weaponising prayer' to disrupt Ashling Murphy vigil in Limerick


If these God Bothers want to really do something, then go on a campaign with "Raising Boys Right" within the network of Faith Communities.

It's not the Women's or Girls problems.

What was the point of this? Why do they feel the need to harass the people at the vigil for a murdered woman?

Men hate us, and when we get together for any reason, it makes them nervous.