Julie Bindel is a breath of fresh air.

If I want to read more of her work where should I start?

I would just google her name and go from there. Also I think she often writes on FeministCurrent if I recall correctly.

I friggin love Julie Bindel. She never wavers from her commitment to women and never apologizes for prioritizing women and girls above penis-havers.

Except the part where she collapsed stonewall by calling it racist and sexist to get rid of the gay men who ran it, when it was meant exclusively to advance homosexual rights and nothing else.

And when she and her group invaded stonewall by using intersectionalism, you can guess what happened. Intersectionalism was used against them and THEY were called racists by all the black members and kicked out and the black members were kicked out by the trans lol

Who do you think took Stonewall, a proper homosexual lobbying group run by highly qualified people and collapsed it, then turned it into a transexual canon that attacks gays and lesbians and now women's rights? So yeah, thank you Julie Bindel.

Her entire politics is incel like.