The women suing Blizzard for harassment had their breast milk stolen. There was no refrigerator in the nursing room, so women had to leave their milk in the breakroom fridge. Someone stole all of it. Eventually, management had to provide a locked refrigerator that stayed in the locked nursing room. Women had to lock up their breast pumps too.

Oh my god. If someone stole my breast milk from work I would absolutely lose my shit.

I don't know how you could live with yourself after literally stealing food from a baby just so you can wank.

I don't know why men are even considered human beings, honestly. A member of the species should be expelled if he steal breast milk from an infant to masturbate with, he's literally a pornzombie at that point, an "NLH" (no longer human).

Stage IV—Complete loss of human characteristics. Officially categorized as “No Longer Human”—“NLH”—by the UN and the WHO. These are the true zombies. That’s what we called them when we first tried to describe their behavior, and the term, though crass, works. That’s what they are… They have no capacity to recognize others as anything other than prey. They demonstrate profoundly hyperaggressive behavior. Everything that’s human is gone.


Maybe we should petition to make this a real thing, lol. Men become inhuman when their minds rot with paraphilia, and all they do is infect others through social contagion and victimize women and children.

Not sure why someone didn't just put up a camera. Circulate screenshots of the offender, anonymously.

I'm thinking management either didn't care, was in on it, or was covering for whoever did steal the milk.

I was assuming it's the standard "recording people is illegal" thing. Either way I think if this happens to someone, investing in a hidden camera might be worth the money! Public shame is the only real punishment for creeps.

I feel ill reading about this.

Someone suggested that a male coworker may have thrown it away to make room for beer or food, but I think that's interpretation is...charitable.

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The article: women are being moved from brothel to milking stall by men obsessed with lactation fetish. Their children are deprived of milk so that men can make money. “Right wing bodybuilders” are buying breast milk sourced from their friend’s wives.

The comments from men:

  • it’s her choice
  • fathers / husbands would never allow this
  • Julie Bindel is a pervert and obsessed with sex
  • lactation fetish is rare so this doesn’t matter

Unfortunately this isn't rare at all. You can't go far on Preddit without seeing the phrase "mommy milkers".

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Men socially spread their fetishes. Also if you read closely the men interviewed said they didn’t really like breast milk but they forced themselves to and the bodybuilder escalated himself a fetish (he now wants it “straight from the tap”). This is what men do with sex and violence, they (might) feel disgusted or afraid at first, but they persist in the behavior until they’re desensitized. This impedes their ability to act morally.

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they (might) feel disgusted or afraid at first, but they persist in the behavior until they’re desensitized.

I remember male friends literally telling me this when I was younger.

Paraphilia among men are a social contagion. We always talk about social contagions being a primarily juvenile female problem because we ignore the fact that men transmit their degeneracy to each other like they are diseases. We need to spread the word: male fetishes are social contagions are much as eating disorders and "boy band obsessions" are among teen girls. Except the male shit is far more a plague on humanity, the stuff girls get into are mostly a reaction to the trauma of being female (because of males) and the search for belonging.

I watched a brief documentary on this and it is so disturbing that men buy women’s breast milk. This reminds me of a Reddit post from a while ago about a guy who stole his sister-in-laws breast milk out of her fridge when visiting. Ugh men are so gross 🤮

Yeah I remember that, it was all so gross. IIRC, he also referred to it as "boob juice". Apart from all the awful stuff about this, breast milk can't be good for adults - if it was, why would we outgrow it when we're small children?

Milk is actually the only kind of food a human could survive on indefinitely, including human milk. The reason we outgrow the need for breast milk is because women's bodies are not meant to be farmed for milk and produce a supply big enough to uphold entire nations of grown people forever.

The vast majority of humans actually, like all animals, can’t consume breast milk (of a human or a cow or a goat) without health issues, lactose intolerance being one. I don’t know about human milk, but I know cow’s milk is horrible for us in adulthood.

Another concern I have about this is how it will effect a woman’s body to give large amounts of milk. Dairy cows live less than half the lifespan they could have from the toll of constant production. This could cause irreparable damage physically for women financially coerced into it. We are made to feed our own infants, not large numbers of adult men.

Dairy cows have a shorter lifespan because you have to cull the herd, not because they're milked to death. A woman producing a surplus isn't going to cause harm as long as she is eating enough.

However, there's going to be an upper limit to how much milk a woman can produce, and for how long. Even with sufficient caloric intake and nutrition, a woman could never produce enough for a grown ass man. So yeah men are stealing food from babies.

More women from developing nations been exploited

Needs a ban here now

One comment:

‘While bodybuilders may get up to some wacky things, I think Ms Bindel doesn’t understand the difference between bodybuilding and weightlifting, the latter being an Olympic sport.’

Rather missing the point there. There is also a Netflix documentary which goes into the breast milk trade and its popularity with some bodybuilders.

The comments really are in denial about the extent of male depravity and entitlement or indeed exactly how single minded and obsessive some bodybuilders can be. You cannot be a bodybuilder without putting a lot of work in both at the gym and nutritionally and sometimes that dedication goes very far indeed. No shade on bodybuilders - I’m a fan of lifting myself, but it can be an all consuming hobby and everybody knows a few gymbros who have no conversation other than about which whey protein shake they like best.

FFS, that's it, that's enough internet for me.

Everything about this is disgusting, shameful and grotesque. When you are trying to breastfeed a new baby - you know, the one WHO ACTUALLY FUCKING NEEDS BREASTFEEDING - no motherfucking doctor or health visitor will take you seriously, despite surface level "breast is best". You go to them with any problem at all and it's all "oh just stop", or they prescribe you meds that are not compatible with breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding now for 18 months, and honestly it's in spite of most (all?) of the advice I was given. I have yet to meet a doctor or health visitor who seems to understand how breastfeeding works.

And men have to make a fucking commodity of it? A fetish? I'm done with them, all of them who haven't proved themselves to me. (I make an exception for my dad, who gave me the only intelligent advice about breastfeeding I received, unbelievable as that is, and my Nigel, who refuses to even help me out with clogged ducts, says that's the baby's job.) This shit is EXHAUSTING. Making milk is EXHAUSTING. I have been hungry for over 2 years, at this point. I live in a 1st world country where I can stuff myself to my heart's content, I'm not being milked for 50cents an ounce. Fuck them. No thought for the toll on the women's bodies or the toll on their babies, who will probably be topped up with formula made with unsafe water - formula which costs a damn sight more than 50c/oz.

Wow, men in the comments are t r i g g e r e d over this one!

Because they're all secretly lusting after their mommies and this is just more proof.

There was a Netflix episode of their show Unwell that talked about this too. I thought that was a bit crazy. But hearing of the milk farm in Cambodia makes me feel sick.