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bit confusing how the article title names "women and girls" and the article itself expends considerable page real estate on talking about how domestic abuse happens to "people of all genders" etc etc etc.

interesting article overall. completely fucking horrifying that the number of women killed by their partners trebled during the first month of lockdown, and i agree with the general thrust of the article which is that services need way, way more money to meet the need. this stood out to me though:

New Zealand prioritised the safety of those suffering abuse during their lockdown planning, in a way that the UK utterly failed to do. Pledging more than NZ$200 million (£102M) to domestic and sexual violence services, New Zealand has tackled the epidemic of family abuse head on.

The Feminist Current podcast episode interviewing Michelle Mara, a feminist activist in NZ and exited prostitute who has started an organization to provide support services for women in or trying to leave prostitution, provided a different perspective. Mara was derisive of the government's response to COVID-19 and lockdown as it concerns women in the sex trade. She said women, working legally as prostitutes, are so locked out of funded services including wage replacement schemes available to all "independent contractors" that they are resorting to camming/making porn or told to apply for unemployment benefits (which no other 'independent contractors' are expected to try and receive). Bit of a tangent but anyway... thanks for sharing.