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This is the magazine launched by Jane Clare Jones! It looks really exciting!

And yes, she says modestly, that is an article by me in there! (Which is based on the long post I made on /o/GenderCritical back when Ovarit was founded, but with a few tweaks and with the welcome attention of an editor.)

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There's an essay titled "We should all be powerlifters". I am now completely convinced that this magazine is going to be excellent.

I read the sample of the article from Mexico and I think it's very important. Thoroughly recommend checking it out.

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Blarg! I wish they had a listing of prices in US dollars. XD

Can't swing an issue or a sub now, but if there's a fee for the PDF, I'll pay it.

I think options for PDF only subscriptions will open up after the paper copies come out.

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Sadly no way I can afford it with postage, but looks wonderful!

[–] feralfeminist 2 points (+2|-0)

I am going to make myself afford it, an issue at a time if I have to. (You can order single issues.)

[–] EvenMoreMinty 2 points (+2|-0)

This is super exciting. Sadly cannot afford to subscribe, but will hopefully be able to afford the occasional (digital, lol) issue that comes out. ;)

[–] Freyja 1 points (+1|-0)

I'm so excited to see writings from sisters around the world included. Observing what I can of Mexican feminists in the news has been very inspiring, with the usual heartbreak of seeing our struggles reflected over and over around the globe. They are so incredible && I can't wait to read Diferencias Irreconciliables: Self-ID in Spain and A View From Mexico in full. I would love to see a piece or two from some feminists in South Korea in the next issue! Seeing news from them also continually impresses and inspires me.

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Thank you for posting! I was holding out for a preview before committing to subscribing, but what I've seen so far looks excellent. So glad they've offered a few samples.

Lol, the review of Long-Chu's females is called the Bum Manifesto. That's so gloriously, on-pointly childish!

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This is so exciting! I'm really looking forward to this magazine. I'm not sure yet if I'll subscribe as it's super expensive to get this sent to Canada. But I have until tomorrow to decide if I want the posters.... :-)

There will be a pdf version coming out after the print ones. You might want to wait for that. You can put the money you save on postage at your local print shop to get the posters printed nicely.