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“In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30’s wine mom body.”

I'm so fucking angry. For one thing, what's wrong with a 30-year-old "mom/wine" body? They mean fat, don't they? Fat and unattractive. Because our purpose is to be young and attractive.

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It's definitely a way to call a woman fat while attempting to escape accusations of fat-shaming. She looks exactly as youthful as always. But because they think she looks less attractive, they're saying she looks older. And, dun dun dun, like a moooom. Two strikes against a woman's purpose as a fuck object.

Billie Eilish is being zeroed in on and punished for her attempts to escape exactly this kind of scrutiny. The subtext is "Who does she think she is? I'll show her!"

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The subtext is "Who does she think she is? I'll show her!"

So true, and truly terrifying. You can feel the implicit threat.

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In that bit the article is quoting a tweet. That kind of crap is par for the course on Twitter.

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My teenage daughter loves her, and one reason is because she’s not trying to be a sex symbol. I’m sure it’s a big reason so many girls admire her. She’s talented and comes off intelligent and funny, all while dressing comfortably. There’s a reason her style resonated with so many young girls; many of them don’t want to be sexualized either.

Even the outfit in the paparazzi photo, while more revealing than her usual clothing, looks as if she picked out clothes with her own comfort in mind, without caring if it looked sexy. I don’t think that’s brave, that’s what should be normal.

Let this girl (and all girls and women) just live. God damn.

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This was exactly why I loved the music I loved when I was younger - Alanis Morissette, Salt N Pepa, 4 Non Blondes, etc. They all wore baggy, comfortable clothes, none of them felt the need to sexualize themselves. If they talked about sex, it was in the music.

Back in the 90s there were so many options for non-sexualized artists, and now it's groundbreaking if you don't sexualize yourself. Instagram and the internet were a mistake.

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I was a teenager in the 90s and have so much nostalgia for the fashion. I was a surfer/skater back then, so it was always baggy jeans and a flannel. I wore the little baby doll tops too, but because pants were more high wasted and baggier, the tops didn’t really come off salacious at all.

Some lip gloss— and if I was feeling fancy, a swipe of frosted eye shadow or some eyeliner (never at the same time though)— is all I needed. Nobody really wore caked on makeup the way they do now. I remember how weird and obvious it was when a model was wearing false eyelashes. Most celebrities and normal women didn’t wear them. Now it’s part of a made up face for women. You’re totally right, social media made so many people into navel gazers. I mean, the gender cult is the pinnacle of navel gazing.

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She has said though, that she's not trying to be a symbol of this sort of thing, that she's just doing what she wants. In the future she said, she may want to dress sexy.

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Which is cool too. Whatever, as long as it’s her choice in how she dresses. She seems secure enough in herself, that even if she did start dressing over the top sexy, she would still act like herself.

Sort of like Pink. She’s worn all kinds of “sexy” outfits, but her overall demeanor is so bad ass, that it overshadows her clothing. I mean that one Grammy performance where she basically looked nude or in a bondage type outfit, but no one mentioned that. All anyone was talking about the next day was her incredible performance. Neither of them need to rely on sexy looks to capture an audience.

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Men are mad because a woman (that they probably fantasized about) doesn't live up to their porn star expectations. :P

But women also spend way too much time and money trying to look good for men.

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Oh, for fuck's sake. Isn't this exactly why she avoids showing off her body in the first place? Because she wants to be judged for her musical talent and not for her figure? This woman has the voice of an angel; I could give a fuck what her body looks like (which, incidentally, looks like 90% of the women who come to me for bridal/bridesmaid alterations. Or as the article says: "typical.")

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This statement "in 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30’s wine mom body.” is also their excuse to safely admit they could be attracted to an underaged teenage girl strictly for her age, as they couldn't see her body, while simultaneously displaying their disdain for women aged 30 and above, moms, and women with agency to choose to drink rather than being slipped something, and being of legal age to drink. Remember they only want children who can't legally drink yet because they're too young, and often aren't moms yet, possibly from being girls who are too young for sex with grown disgusting perverted pedophile men.

[–] Verdandi 0 points (+0|-0) Edited

Buying liquor for underage girls has always been an "in" for scuzzy pedophiles.

It's all about control.

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The reaction from people over that photo is so fucking pathetic. There's nothing wrong with her body, it just looks normal. But I guess in the time of Instagram and plastic surgery being a woman (especially a famous one!) and looking normal is a sin, since it doesn't get men's dicks hard.

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Can’t actually read the article because I got bombarded with pop ups about cookies and other crap that wouldn’t leave my screen even when tapping X so that’s not a good start.

Can Buzzfeed and others like them just leave her alone though? Feel sorry for her, let her make her music and stop commenting on her body for fucks sake.

I love Scaachi Koul. And I’m starting to be impressed with Billie Eilish too.