Recently I gave birth with complications. The placenta fused to my uterus and I was bleeding out. I was unable to bond with baby and was rushed to operation room for a D&C. Since the coding for insurance is the same would this also be illegal under this outrageous law?

I was thinking this very thing. I am originally from Texas, and I went in once for a 12 week ultrasound for an unplanned pregnancy that happened about 6 months after the birth of my son (I was high risk anyway so they gave me one sooner than normal). It turned out that the baby's heartbeat had stopped, and apparently very recently.

The doctor ordered a D&C (the procedure that is identical to surgical abortion) to have the fetus removed....but decided to make me wait through the weekend because it was later in the day and she wanted to get out of the office. Imagine, someone tells you your baby is dead inside you, and then asks to leave it there till Monday so as to get everyone off to an early weekend. Her logic was that I might just spontaneously abort in the meantime.

Well I didnt, but the emotional devastation for the next two days trying to go around in the world knowing I had a dead baby inside me was traumatic to say the very least. I attempted to go to the emergency room and beg for them to take it out of me, that I was getting sick and that something was wrong (I was ok but I was so emotionally wrecked by the idea of it I was ready to make bargains and lie my way into a D&C just to end it all).

I got my D&C on that Monday, but my point is first off...would I be able to get that same procedure now with the way things are headed? Would they have waited days or weeks to see if my body would reject the fetus or just go septic? I would have been suicidal if that were the case...not to mention that it is potentially dangerous. These fucking lawmakers don't even understand basic biological processes.

Wouldn't it be really awesome if people working in the medical industry could find their spines?