He's to blame for a lot of the problems we have right now. He's as slippery as a snake covered in gasoline. Pure fucking evil.

He is always focused on the big picture. he ignored trump and focused on SCOTUS. I hate Mitch McConnell, he'll say anything, a total hypocrite, and he knows it and doesn't care, but he got SCOTUS and now American women are under assault.

Oh I promise, it's going to be my life's mission that no one forget what a fucking shitsnake this man is. His name has not been coming up nearly enough since the leak. What a dirty shitty scumbag.

Sorry for the screaming all-caps title. Too lazy to re-type instead of doing copy/paste. However, it does convey how I feel about the topic.

Don't apologize. I think it's safe to say we all feel the same way.

I would think he would see it as a victory

Yeah, but he doesn't want that to be known really. He wants to remain a background player.

Well, from comments I see online (not just here, but everywhere), no one is forgetting it any time soon.

Well, it took him a lot longer to obliterate womens reproductive rights than it did for Dems to obliterate the rest of womens sex based rights. Oh wait, "uterus havers" rights.