"Even some leading domestic abuse campaigners and feminists have relentlessly mocked Amber Heard, and created narratives of ‘real victim’ versus ‘not real victim’ which has scared many women,” she added.

This is fucking scary. You'd think anti-DV advocates would know that not all victims are sympathetic angels who just lie back and take it all the time

The representative added: “A domestic abuse case being used as entertainment for memes and jokes is likely to have a long-term impact on how seriously people take domestic abuse.

Amen. If Depp was really damaged by Heard, it would be tactless to joke about the case. His supporters can make jokes precisely because Depp is fine and was never in danger of being beaten to death by his 90 pound wife

If people really cared about male DV victims, they'd talk about Phil Hartman and Andrew Bagby. They chose Depp because they want to revel in destroying Heard's reputation and career

In the last thread about Heard here on Ovarit, there were a few users going in on Heard. It was bizarre.

In the last thread about Heard here on Ovarit, there were a few users going in on Heard. It was bizarre.

It really was. You'd think a person on a FEMINIST site would understand that believing Heard (or at least staying neutral until the facts are out) doesn't mean you have to love her or think she's a good person.

Right, do they really think this older, powerful, drug addict who has a history of praying on younger women and idolizing misogynists was innocent?

Nope. They're doing it on this thread right now. That's the type of woman who will throw any other woman under the bus. :)

'Deppford wives' is the newish moniker for the more extreme fans or stans, on Twitter, especially. Clagging up the threads on Mumsnet also <yawn>

'Deppford wives' is the newish moniker for the more extreme fans or stans, on Twitter, especially.

LOL. That's hilarious (and sad)

It was sickening, tbh

I throw up in my mouth whenever the women on here go "but she's guilty because [misogyny, misogyny, my mum, his mum, misogyny, misogyny]"

Yeah, I actually double checked to see if they were new trolls.

My latest phrase I say to everyone in the real world is "I hope she shit in his bed."

I have certainly dished out verbal abuse when it has been hurled my way. How could you not? It's never the same when a woman hits a man. Men can and do really, really hurt us. Sure women should not instigate (as no one should), but when you are in an abusive situation I am sure it can be hard to distinguish what is instigation and what is self defense.

The only thing you can really do that is the right thing in an abusive situation is to leave. Super dangerous for women, but Amber Heard did it. And Johnny Depp is the one dragging her back into all of this for dating to hint that anything had happened to her. Well clearly it did!! I just can't believe so many women are willing to become the new instruments of his abuse. So disappointing.

i cant believe they still behave like this after all he has admitted and the state of him.

he's not good looking he's a bloated 60 year old drug addict and he looks like you expect a 60 year old drug addict to look when he's not wearing a fancy suit, if he walked up to you asking for 10p for a cup of tea, you'd pretend you had no change and quicken your pace.

he's admitted drinking a tonne and taking tonnes of drugs even while at work and doesn't seem to think anything is wrong with that and jokes over it, why isnt any of that registering with his fans?

This whole thing has me so baffled, and the AH hate is real and all I see is "We love and support you Johnny!" shoved into my face literally everywhere online. I'm just about sick to death of celebrity anything at this point in my life, but the little I've seen of this whole thing, Johnny Depp comes off to me like a creepy, past his prime old dude whose life is a complete mess. I am finding the unabashed worship of him truly bizarre, regardless of AH's actions and reactions in this entire situation.

[–] immersang 21 points Edited

It's shocking to me a) how many people are apparently still obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean for some reason and b) that so many of those people cannot seem to distinguish between Johnny Depp and the character of Jack Sparrow. At all.


I never understood why those movies got so popular. They’re kids movies made to sell merchandise.

The first pirates film was pretty good but not amazing, certainly not up there with the classics like ghostbusters, kind of mindless, Geoffrey Rush was the best thing in them and they slowly got worse as time went on, I found Depps Keith Richards impersonation just annoying. its not like it wasnt anything we hadn't seen before in films like withnail and I and anything that wanted to have an off his tits rocker type character in it.

I dont get why he has such a following for it, Rush was great but gets no kudos really does he.

I liked the first one just fine, it was pretty funny. Watched the second one, didn't like it too much (apart from a handful scenes that made me chuckle) and never watched any of the ones after that.

So, it's not as if I don't understand how people can like them in general. That whole fanbase surrounding it is completely beyond me though. A friend of mine, who is Depp's age, never aged out of being a POC and Depp "fangirl", but I thought she was the exception. It's truly baffling to me to witness what's coming out of the woodwork in the context of this trial.

[–] hmimperialtortie cats plz 2 points

I enjoyed the first and the At World’s End one, but didn’t see the others. Got tired of Sparrow pretty quickly, it was the other characters I liked - Elizabeth, Barbossa, Elizabeth’s dad and Captain Wossname she was supposed to marry. (I haven’t seen them in years.) Oh and the Spaniard was very pretty but not enough to sit through a whole film for.

Oh I can't abide the "Team Johnny" assholes. "Why did she record him?", they ask. He recorded her too and they say nothing. By the by, when I was on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse from my mother, I recorded it just so she couldn't deny it the next morning. Because that's what drunken abusers do.

"Why is she dragging him through this?" they say. He is suing her. Not the other way around. I could go on, but you've all seen the absurd arguments they make for yourselves.

Dr Taylor explained thousands of women have got in touch with her about the case - noting the trial has fostered a “sense of disbelief”.

“Even some leading domestic abuse campaigners and feminists have relentlessly mocked Amber Heard, and created narratives of ‘real victim’ versus ‘not real victim’ which has scared many women,” she added.

“They look at Amber and think ‘but, I would cry like that too’ or ‘but I would probably be like that in court too’ - and realise that they don’t fit the ‘perfect victim’ stereotype either.”

If my husband continued to do drugs and party with friends who he talked about raping my corpse with and penetrated me with a fucking GLASS BOTTLE I’d probably throw something too. I don’t understand how battered women are not ever allowed to feel angry or retaliate. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for like two years and I said some ugly things I would never say to my partner now. I feel a bit ashamed because they were definitely abusive words but after being abused myself by him I didn’t want to lay there and take it anymore. Men want to be able to hurt women as much as they feel like with no consequences.

this case should be thrown out of court, how is all the depp stans awful behaviour not considered to be affecting the case? this is akin to threatening a witness

Yes! So many MRA trolls online hating on AH when the trial is now swinging in her favor. They can’t and won’t see reason.

All tiktok mockery of AH I see comes from women. They're more than happy to demonstrate how much they are happy to side with a guy if he appears to be a victim in the case. Never in my life I saw so many men mocking another male abuser.

[–] butchplease 13 points Edited

The internet is full of men loving this. The entirety of Reddit. Comment sections under articles. Twitter. Men ADORE this rapist, men HATE this woman and want her humiliated and destroyed. Let's not put the responsibility for this only on the shoulders of women. Men are 100% the root cause of male violence and they get off on seeing female victims hurt and debased by the public. Every single time I've heard other people debate this case in my offline life, the only ones who spoke up in her favour were all women, whereas the ones who adored and glorified the abuse were men.

It's a parasocial fixation. They probably believe that by "standing with" their unrequited crush he'll be interested in them and want to sleep with them.

I'll never forget either, all the stans for Scott Peterson and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the Boston Marathon bomber) doing the same thing.

I think it's this 100%. It's women who want to be "not like the other girls".

Yes to this. I hope other victims of domestic violence read this and aren’t bullied into silence.

The Independent? The same site, whose YouTube channel's live trial coverage picture has been a side-by-side of Heard, crying, angry, and hysterical, alongside Depp, with slick hair and a side eye and grin? That one? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

[–] Icannotdeal -7 points Edited

I haven’t been following the case closely at all, but I’ve skimmed an article or two and have watched a clip or two because it’s been unavoidable. I think this is an uncommon opinion here, but from what I can tell, Amber seems to be the (bigger?) liar. Or at least the worse party. (I don’t think Johnny is totally innocent either.) But there’s actual proof of her lies. She also reminds me a LOT of my toxic mother, and seeing the way she acts and talks is so icky and SO familiar to me. I just feel like I intimately know this type of person.

That being said, I think the constant, nonstop mockery online is terrible. Not exactly because of Amber’s own mental health and career, but because of the repercussions in regard to domestic abuse cases in general. People already didn’t/don’t always listen to women, and this is going to make it even worse.

The fact that this case is so public is incredibly strange to me. Why and how is this everyone’s business? Why are people so fucking passionate about Amber vs Johnny? But yeah, people’s misogyny is definitely jumping out— if feels like a hall pass for woman hating. Especially people attacking Depp’s daughter wtaf??

Are all these “we love you Johnny!!!” people long time Depp fans? Or are they overcompensating for the fact that they were so anti- Johnny a few years ago, no questions asked? People change sides so easily, it’s almost hilarious.

Ughhh. Also the fact that people seem to get WAY more up in arms about a man being wronged as opposed to a woman. Although, maybe it’s just because it’s Johnny Depp and he’s HUGE. Maybe if the roles were reversed people would be mocking him just as much. Idk anymore.

But people need to shut the fuck up with the public mockery. It’s helping absolutely fucking no one.

June 11 2013 Bettany text. Depp texts lets drown, burn Amber and “I will fuck her burnt corpse to make sure she is dead”

Women are defending this POS?!

[–] butchplease 16 points Edited

I'm done. If I have to see a single other ovarit woman submitting to this man and tearing down Amber on the basis of the vilest, most abusive misogyny, I'm going to throw up. Zero class consciousness. So, so willing to be a traitor because "she speaks mean uwu" and "but she cries weirdly owo" and "but she's wearing black in court as a woman, that's a bit no-no óvò".

It's very easy to come to this conclusion ("Amber seems to be the liar/worse party") if you just watch a clip here and there. Particularly watching the footage of Depp in court, remember he is actually quite a good actor and he is acting his socks off doing his very best charming rogue impression.

But it's bullshit.

As soon as you start to watch more clips of Heard, or watch some of the footage she recorded, or listen to testimonial from Dawn Hughes, or dig just a little bit deeper, or watch any of the media (mostly not mainstream as the mainstream is all Team Depp) it becomes very obvious that Depp is the primary abuser and much of the accusations his team are throwing at Heard are things she did under extreme provocation, fear, threat of violence or under coercion and undue controlling tactics.

This Independent article is a breath of fresh air.

[–] Pistol 15 points Edited

So you don't research the case or follow it completely and you think Heard is the bigger liar?

She's worse than pedo abuser Johnny?

the way she acts and talks is so icky

This is the internalized misogyny.

also reminds me a LOT of my toxic mother, and seeing the way she acts and talks is so icky and SO familiar to me.

I haven't been keeping up with this case, and I've been avoiding everything about it, so I have zero opinion on it. The only thing I know is the lot about that psychologist Dr. Curry diagnosing Amber as a cluster B type, and I only know that because I spend a lot of time following info and news on cluster B types.

Thing is, I gotta step in right here to defend user Icannotdeal, because I know what she's talking about here. I think you may have misunderstood her when you said that was internalized misogyny. That's not misogyny. She's just saying that the way Amber talks reminds her of the way her toxic mother talks.

I feel the same way whenever I hear anyone who talks similarly to my cluster b relatives, because cluster bs have very specific ways of speaking/grammar/rhetoric/mannerisms/vocabulary. It's very specific, and you'd only know it if you spent a lot of time with cluster b types.

I know what she means by "icky". She's referring to that way that they talk and act. There's nothing misogynistic about it, it's just being familiar with the way cluster Bs speak and act, and possibly being triggered by it. When I hear other people talking and acting the way my certain relatives do, I get very triggered as well, and I've even had anxiety attacks from it.

[–] butchplease 8 points Edited

Can we not hype up the fact that Depp essentially bribed a therapist to diagnose her with Womanly Hysteria for the sole purpose of damaging her reputation?

I dunno. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about this because it seems like both sides are just ignoring the bad shit that's coming from the side they support. The Livestream have been giving me bits of information about what's going and from the looks of it, Amber is someone I would not sympathize with. She and her team are horrendously inconsistent, with minimal evidence to back their claims as well as out right changing the story around or straight up denying it when shown evidence of the opposite of what she said. I'm sure Depp isn't as innocent either, but his claims and stories at least are what he said based on evidence and claims.

In 2013 this man wanted to murder, burn, and rape her. And he was unhinged enough to record evidence of his desire to violate the woman he called a "flappy overused fishmarket". But. Yeah. I'm sure he's not "as innocent".

Cool, never said he was innocent with whatever the hell he's done. Just Amber isn't as innocent as everyone here seems to think.

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