Interesting background that paints a pretty vivid picture of the aggressive and spiteful establishment of obstetrics and gynecology as explicitly engineered to exert control over women, and a foot in the door to establishing regulatory capture for medicine as a profession.

Despite being from NPR, it uses the term "women" and "mother" throughout. I suspect there may be turf (heh) wars in NPR.

I found the regulatory capture underpinning history really picking up in the 1800s in US history illuminating thinking about the history of abortion and contraception of my own home country of Japan. Japan has a similar regulatory capture situation, and doctors pushing out midwives, but adds in an interesting twist in the battle between pharmacists and doctors over access to contraception (of course using women as pawns towards some selfish ends).

There’s a book on this called “Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood”. Obstetricians had to convince people to use them because for centuries midwives had better outcomes for mothers and infants. Not only regulatory capture, they wanted the delivery fees.

Looks like an important book to read! Thanks! I'll check it out!

Luckily for me, I attended university on the cusp of the humanities being gutted and replaced with nihilistic and ridiculous interpretations of poststructuralism. Over the years I worked on my degree I got a mix of post-modernism and standard studies. This was one of my university books but I also had to read Judith Butler. I though she was the emperor’s new clothes nonsense even back then but I was only thought a little dim and unsophisticated, not expelled or burnt on a cross. It is an interesting book and no jargon.