All but one of her students disagreed and walked out of class, branding this simple statement of biological fact to be 'transphobic'.

If they're so sure of themselves, why not explain their view, instead of walking out of the class and pretending to be offended? They were in an educational setting. Think you know something that the teacher doesn't? Let's go, tell us what it is. If humans (and all other mammals) aren't split into two sexes, explain that statement. Explain what you mean, and how this is manifested in reality.

But no, they choose to act offended and walk out of the class, because the professor said something that disagrees with their ignorant opinions.

This is insanity.

All of those students know about the third gamete but none of them can take time to inform the masses?? Why withhold such a groundbreaking discovery???

They’re appealing to mob justice, not the rigour of academic proof.

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I love that they included a picture of the professor. Snotty little Twitter assholes must have swallowed their tongues in displeasure when they saw the professor isn't a 40-year-old Karen in a cardigan wearing a set of pearls but an actual GNC woman. I'm sure their non-binary heterosexual partners got quite the earful about how "she doesn't even look like a woman herself!" from some raging danger hair who thinks being overweight makes them more queer than average weight homosexuals.

Sorry, I'm in a mood today. I'm glad the university is standing with the professor and telling the little brats to suck it up or tell mommy and daddy to find them a more inclusive school so precious never has to hear an opposing opinion in their life.

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Signed! I worry for my friends in academia. Sorry - hit post too soon and wanted to add that. It sucks they can lose their jobs for stating basic facts.

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The u. of S. Maine is supporting her, miraculously. Unlike so many global Uni's, they are not caving to the mob. So far. Students seem so brainwashed, everywhere.


Cult of purposeful ignorance and fake righteousness. What awful people.

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Added my signature. Will be sharing with my family, hopefully they'll sign too.

Do change.org petitions ever change anything?

Any social change is composed of many small actions, beginning with the smallest and building off of one another.