Ovarit Sitewide Rules

These Sitewide Rules apply everywhere on Ovarit. Each circle may also have Circle Rules which apply within the circle. Circle moderators are expected to uphold the Sitewide Rules in their circles when possible.

The Terms of Service must also be followed.

Changes to the rules can be made at any time and will be announced in o/Announcements.

No trolling or sabotage

Users should participate in communities genuinely and in good faith. Users who use the website solely to troll others will be banned. Users should not attempt to disrupt communities or sabotage them, including with sophisticated trolling methods including concern trolling, false flagging, and the use of sock puppet accounts. Encouraging others to target users or communities is prohibited. Using alternative accounts to circumvent bans is also prohibited.

No abuse, threats, or harassment

Abusing, threatening, or harassing users or other individuals is prohibited. This includes doing so in private messages, in a single circle or across multiple circles, or across websites.

Getting into a fight is not necessarily abusive, but refusing to drop it and taking the fight elsewhere can cross this line. If you have a serious problem with a user, report them to admins or mods.

No promotion of bigotry, hatred, or violence

We do not allow misogyny, racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, ageism, or ableism, including against the mentally ill.

We do not allow the use of slurs against oppressed or marginalized people, including misogynistic slurs such as “bitch” and “cunt,” and all homophobic slurs and racial slurs. We also do not allow slurs used against trans-identified people such as “tranny” and “troon.”

Additionally, we do not permit the use of dehumanizing language used against any group of people, such as “pigs in wigs,” “frankenwomen,” or calling groups of people subhuman. Truly degrading descriptions of people’s bodies or body parts, such as “axe wound,” are not allowed.

It is against this rule to promote misogynist policies or practices which are harmful to women. This includes the promotion of prostitution, pornography, paid surrogacy, BDSM, and restricting reproductive rights.

Promoting acts of violence is prohibited.

No posting personal information (doxing)

It is prohibited to expose a person’s personal information when that information should reasonably be considered private.

This includes exposing the name of a person who was using an alias or username when they didn’t expose the connection between their real name and alias publicly themselves. It also includes exposing the general location, address, phone number, familial information, or place of employment of a person if that information is not clearly public information.

Screenshots from social media sites should have people’s actual full names blacked-out so they cannot be identified, unless those people are public figures or are speaking in a professional capacity. Twitter users with “verified” accounts also don’t need to have their names concealed. Usernames do not need to be concealed.

No pornography

Pornographic content is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, content for the sole purpose of sexually objectifying women, or for participation in the sale of another human for sex.

NSFW content must be marked

NSFW stands for “Not Safe For Work.” NSFW content includes content that has nudity, sexual content, or violent content.

No spam

Just say no to spam.


Depending on the severity of the infraction and the user's previous history, admins may respond to infractions by informing users of rules, a warning about breaking the rules again, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban from the site.

Last update: Sun Jul 26 01:25:03 2020