About Ovarit


Ovarit is a project committed to women’s liberation that provides a platform for women-centered communities.

Women have the right to discuss issues which affect us. Public discourse now largely takes place online, but online conversation platforms are increasingly restricting the bounds of “permissible” speech and banning, silencing, and otherwise deplatforming women who want to talk about women’s rights and women’s issues on our own terms.

A world where women cannot discuss topics impacting our rights is a world where women cannot preserve or advocate for our rights.

Ovarit is run by a team of radical feminist women dedicated to safeguarding women’s ability to have community with other women and speak freely about issues that matter to us as individuals and as a class. We created this space because we, like those who seek to silence us, understand the power of women's voices and experiences. We are here to make sure they are heard.

The Ovarit community is made up of a broader group of people. Ovarit is open to women of all persuasions. Men are allowed to join some conversations, but must respect boundaries. This corner of the internet is one of increasingly few places, real or virtual, unapologetically dedicated to prioritizing and centering women.

While many of our subcommunities (called circles) are explicitly feminist, others are simply about topics that are relevant to women, and are not overtly political except to the extent that women's existence has been politicized.

Our Sitewide Rules and Sitewide Guidelines exist to help make this a positive community for women that also uplifts women as a class.


We welcome your questions, concerns, and feedback, and we want to help with any problems you're having using the site.

If you have an account, message the admins on Ovarit by sending a message to the moderators of o/Ovarit.

Email the admins at <admin@ovarit.com>. We don't work with any advertisers, all emails about paid or promoted content get marked as spam.

Need an invite code? Email us at <invites@ovarit.com> with the reason you want to join.

If you have questions about your site-wide ban or login/account issues we will only discuss your questions via email. Email us at <admin@ovarit.com> from the email address associated with your account.

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