Ovarit Sitewide Guidelines

Be decent to one another

This site exists to uplift women. Treat each other with basic courtesy and respect. Don’t escalate disagreements into fights. Debate ideas, don’t insult or personally attack members. There are many ways to miscommunicate through text-based mediums, so give others the benefit of the doubt when possible. Avoid treating people worse than you would in a face-to-face conversation. Remember that there is a person behind the words.

Comment to add to the discussion and use the edit feature to make amendments

Comments should add something new and relevant to the discussion. Avoid submitting repetitive comments, avoid commenting just to say that you voted up or down on something, and avoid commenting just to say that you already saw something. If you realize after posting a text post or comment that you have more to say, edit your post or comment and also make a note in it that you did so.

Vote for content based on its quality

Vote up on content that adds value to the circle and should be seen by others. Vote down on content that doesn’t add value to the circle or doesn’t belong in it. Avoid voting down on content just because you disagree with it. Avoid voting for links based on their titles if you haven’t read them yet.

Report content that breaks the rules and don’t feed trolls

If content breaks the site rules or sub rules, please help by reporting it. Avoid feeding trolls, which just adds junk to the comments section and creates more work for moderators. Report trolls and give your attention to people who deserve it.

Guidelines for Submitting Posts

Post content in the correct circle

Check the circle’s sidebar and rules to find out what kind of content is appropriate in each circle and if there are any rules about how it should be posted. Lurking a bit to get a feel for a community before posting is encouraged.

Avoid reposting content that has already been posted

Make sure that someone else hasn’t posted the same or very similar content recently. Comment in the first post’s comments section instead of reposting the same topic. Reposting may be acceptable after a sufficiently long period of time, or if the original post was poorly titled, linked to an inferior source, or didn’t contain as much information.

Use descriptive titles

A post title should tell people what they’re clicking on before they click on it. Avoid vague titles, clickbait titles, and editorializing in the title. Do not plead for clicks or votes. If you're linking to a news article or a blog, make the title of your post the title of the article or blog post, or at least include it. Your opinion or interpretation of the link should not replace the link’s original title. Put your commentary in the comments section.

Last update: Sat Nov 21 00:26:38 2020