Know of any new ones or any we missed? Post them in the comments!


Consider signing the Women's Human Rights Campaign's Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights and getting connected with other feminists through their website. They are helping women to organize all over the world.

British Isles

Woman’s Place UK - UK

Fair Play For Women - UK

ReSisters United - UK and Ireland

FiLiA - UK

Forwomen.scot - Scotland

Lleisiau Merched Cymru (Women's Voices Wales) - Wales [Facebook Link]


Canadian Women's Sex-Based Rights aka caWsbar - National

New Zealand

Speak Up For Women

United States

Feminists in Struggle - National

Women’s Liberation Front - National

SOSRights - Seattle

Know of any new ones or any we missed? Post them in the comments! #International Consider signing the Women's Human Rights Campaign's [Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights](https://womensdeclaration.com ) and getting connected with other feminists through their website. [They are helping women to organize all over the world.](https://womensdeclaration.com/en/country-info/) #British Isles [Woman’s Place UK - UK](https://womansplaceuk.org) [Fair Play For Women - UK](https://fairplayforwomen.com) [ReSisters United - UK and Ireland](https://resistersunited.org) [FiLiA - UK](https://filia.org.uk) [Forwomen.scot - Scotland](https://forwomen.scot) [Lleisiau Merched Cymru (Women's Voices Wales) - Wales [Facebook Link]](https://www.facebook.com/WomensVoicesWalesLleisiauMerchedCymru/) #Canada [Canadian Women's Sex-Based Rights aka caWsbar - National](https://www.cawsbar.ca) #New Zealand [Speak Up For Women](https://speakupforwomen.nz) #United States [Feminists in Struggle - National](https://feministstruggle.org) [Women’s Liberation Front - National](http://womensliberationfront.org) [SOSRights - Seattle](https://sosrights.org)



"Mayday4Women is a radical feminist organisation fighting for women’s liberation. Given that transgenderism is currently one of the biggest threats to feminism in the UK, it is our entry point to raise women’s consciousness about patriarchal oppression in general.

Therefore, our energy currently focuses on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), but we have a radical feminist analysis of all the other ways men oppress women. This means that we are also against prostitution (we support the Nordic Model), pornography, racist and classist misogyny, and all forms of male violence and economic, social, cultural, and personal coercion enabling women’s oppression by men.

We want to create a political climate where women are not forced to submit to men, or even relate to men if women don’t wish to."

LGB Alliance and Women's Human Rights Campaign are both UK-based organizations that each recently launched a US branch!

The European Network of Migrant Women is wholly women-centred, gender critical and feminist. I joined their comms team in August.

Find out about them here: http://www.migrantwomennetwork.org/

and it would be hugely appreciated if you could give us a like and follow on any of our social media channels:

https://www.facebook.com/migrantwomeneurope/ https://twitter.com/ENoMW https://www.instagram.com/migrantwomennetwork/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8-7iTmieDZpjT0NFhfecw/videos

(also recommend you check out our most recent youtube upload which is a great interview with Rachel Moran, Irish campaigner and author of 'Paid For')

I can't imagine how tough it must be for women in Canada, I've argued with Morgane Ogre on Twitter and he's a nasty mediocre piece of work. I dont know how he got so much political influence.

Ugh. Oger lobbied to disqualify Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter from receiving city funding. However, VRRWS are standing firm in their provision of women-only space.
Speaking of which: https://www.rapereliefshelter.bc.ca/donate-now

I think the Ogre thinks he does, but mostly he just whines on Twitter. He’s lost elections multiple times.

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Feminist Legal Clinic

Fair Go 4 QLD Women

Women Speak TAS

Victorian Women’s Guild

Coalition of Activist Lesbians Australia

Women’s Guild NSW

IWD Brisbane-Meanjin

I was so confused reading that because there weren't line breaks. Just FYI you need two returns to create a new paragraph, or two spaces at the end of a line to make a line break.

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