It would be wonderful if it could get to 100,000 people and they have to debate it in parliament. Labour, LibDems and SNP will have to go on public Hansard-recorded record with their views and stop saying one thing to Mumsnet and another to Pink News as Keir Starmer did recently.

Do please share far and wide to any UK citizens you know.

Its gone from 5,400 to 13,700 signatures today!

Its a dotgov petition. You need to be a UK citizen, provide an email address and click the link in the email.

Briterven: Cannot stress the importance of this petition enough. If you only do one piece of activism, do this. And tell your friends to do it too. Remember, your name and your email will not be listed anywhere.

I'm guessing non-UK people can't sign?

Do you know any Brits? Can the pass the word about? Be really good if this petition could reach 100k because then they have to debate the subject in parliament.