Same old song and dance that we've seen before. They said it "violated their terms of service"

We knew it wasn't going to last, but it's a disappointment all the same. Please donate directly if you can!

Same old song and dance that we've seen before. They said it "violated their terms of service" We knew it wasn't going to last, but it's a disappointment all the same. Please donate [directly](https://vrrws.seriousotters.com/donate) if you can!


Which means that TRAs reported this and gleefully stopped a fucking RAPE SHELTER from getting money. They’re happy that there are victims who won’t be getting the help they need, because they don’t fall on their knees to welcome men into a place that’s supposed to feel safe after being raped by a man. That’s absolutely vile. I just don’t understand how anyone can do this and still think they’re the good guys? I’m disgusted.

Remember this is militant misogyny we are dealing with, here. None of this surprises me. These people openly threaten to rape and murder us.

We can't forget that. When men show you who they are, believe them.

Who would've thought that incels promoting rape culture by shame would be so callous to rape victims.

Sorry rape victims, but trancel fee-fees over not getting laid are more important than your housing and safety.

Is it finally enough to open the eyes of the superstraight men still reciting the "trans women are women" mantra? These people are not women.

We need mainstream media attention on this. I wish I had any useful contacts. I'll be making a donation too.

I can see suzanne moore covering this focusing on the rape shelter angle

Call Fox News, tweet Abigail Shrier, Glenn Greenwald, anyone in the media who seems like they might be able to help.

Fox News may have a few real, unbiased, reporters left, but we really don’t want our side associated with the likes of Hannity. PBS would be better, assuming they’re allowed to run such stories.

I’ve contacted Abigail and she said she wants to know more. I’ll give her email to the OP, so please don’t spam her with too many tweets

I have never done this. Do you just @ people in a tweet? Reply to their most recent one?

How can we help getting attention from the press?

We all know they vandalized it, what's to stop them from stopping donations to it?

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These are the same "activists" that nailed a dead rat to VRR and graffiti'd it to own the terves so even though I shouldn't be surprised, I am.

TWAW! Because it’s so womanly to nail dead rats to doors!

It’s MEN who either dread rats and mice, dead or alive, and wouldn’t go near one, or think mice are too cute and would never do this to one either.

Its so fucking vile. TRAs don't actually care about protecting vulnerable trans people. They just want to take things away from women.

Just like a violent ex-boyfriend. If he can't have it, NOBODY can!

Absolutely this. They do not give a shit about us. It’s just like how we bear the brunt of all their hatred when men are the ones who actually do them harm. The same old repackaged bullshit that’s been directed at women for centuries. Really never thought I’d see it get this bad again in the modern era but here we are. I could not have predicted that men pretending to be women and needing validation by having access to women’s shelters would be a thing. It’s all so tiring.

To any "transwomen" lurking here and crowing about this news: you are not, never were, and never will be a woman. You can fight us, harm us, scream at us, and bully us, but we will never, ever see you as one of us. We won't give up no matter how low you go.

It's evil in it's purest form. No matter what millennia, history always repeats itself.

Women only ever had each other. Men will only continue to abuse us and take our rights away.

To any "transwomen" lurking here and crowing about this news: you are not, never were, and never will be a woman.

I want to add this:

No matter how much you piss us off, we would NEVER try to take away a trans exclusive rape/homeless shelter. If a trans person in good faith asked us for help figuring out how to get vulnerable trans people their own space, many of us would happily do so. That is what REAL women do! We don't lash out against RAPE VICTIMS because they wouldn't let us in their clubhouse.

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I mean, this person even talked about how radfems helped secured grants and did paperwork to create a refuge for trans people who were victims of rape, domestic assault, etc. But guess what? TRAs were mad and didn’t want it because they only wanted to be able to go to women’s shelters.

You can fight us, harm us, scream at us, and bully us, but we will never, ever see you as one of us

We will never see them as one of us because they try to bully and scream their way into our spaces. Real women don't do that. Real women know that their boundaries are under attack all the time and therefore wouldn't use violence to erase the boundaries of other women as a whole.

I legitimately feel bad for the sane trans people who keep getting dragged into this bullshit.

sane trans people

I wouldn't call them "sane", per se, because you still have to believe in a decent amount of gender bullshit in order to consider yourself trans. But I get what you mean. I too feel bad for those who are legitimately suffering and are not violent or fetishists (usually TiFs). However, I do have to say that even reasonable TRAs aren't exactly super vocal about distancing themselves from AGPs, transcels, narcissistic abusers and rapists other than claiming those people "aren't really trans" or that they are a tiny minority of assholes that can safely be ignored. They'd still rather villainize TERFs instead, since it's easier to condemn women than to take on men. They'd rather align themselves with the rapists among them than anything that excusively concerns "cis" women.

This. Sometimes they'll generously admit that people who send death threats are doing wrong, but they're almost always more upset that we react to the bad behavior than the behavior itself.

I don't feel bad for them for the simple reason that I don't see them fighting for us. Where are the protests? Where's the pushback? Why is it only women who are sticking their necks out? I can think of just one TIM (Miranda Yardley) who ever spoke out and was banned from Twitter for it.

There are some who do speak out. People like Buck Angel, Scott Newgent, Blaire White, Debbie Hayton, Catherine McGregor, Fionne Orlander, Kristina Harrison, Sian Lacey Taylder, Rose of Dawn, Sophie XY, Mars, and probably more I'm not aware of. Some of these people have also been cancelled or attacked on social media.

Who are the sane trans people?

Because the truscum subreddit just went full-on rapist.

Most of them probably aren't on Reddit.

What happened with that subreddit?

and they will NEVER be able to identify into women being comfortable around them. ever.

They won't even let people fundraise for a women's shelter.

It doesn't matter if 100 women's shelters in Vancouver welcome TIMs. TRAs won't rest until they destroy the ONE place where females can be left alone!

Fuck GoFundMe.

This just makes me think that just like Ovarit, we need to make our own EVERYTHING, donation sites, awards, shelters, schools idk. We need to make a parallel reality and protect it with teeth and nails because they won't let us be a part of anything male made.

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That's been the goal of radical feminism for like 60+ years. The core idea is we need our own government because this one is so infected and diseased it simply needs to be taken behind the shed and put down.

I have to admit it's a little more than frustrating that fellow radfems have been saying this for years but we have been routinely shouted down by those too reliant on the government.

I don't want to say we told you so, but...

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This kind of shit legitimately makes me feel so hopeless and makes me want to cry. I am a rape survivor and know way too many other people who also are. How can they feel okay with themselves reporting this and taking this down? I don’t know if I can stop myself from crying because this was the main thing to come out of superstraight that made me feel better.

Editing to add: I will be setting up a monthly donation with VRR now. It’s the only thing I can think to ease the pain.

I know right, it was so wholesome and kind. I'm also really sorry you're a victim. ♥️

Thank you. It happened quite some time ago but things like this just bring up all kinds of feelings and I hope others aren’t having to relive anything because of the hatred.

Eh.. I'm with you. I usually try not to think too much about it and I manage to distance myself from the experience(s) but yeah this was... I'm shocked. Literally shocked. This made me feel like we are truly at war and I'm a soldier.

I’m so sorry that happened to you.

It really was nice that something so awesome came of it. They used their 15 minutes to benefit those women and as per usual the trans shit on it. I hope it does get media attention but I doubt it will happen.

Thank you. I really hope the media picks it up too. I’m just happy people are donating directly now. It’s just so crazy and upsetting that it was taken down.

As if we needed more proof that, when faced with the choice between women's safety and men's feelings, they will always, always choose the latter. It's sickening.

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I'm literally crying, what the fuck? Edit: Anger donating. VRR allows you to set up a monthly gift directly on their site too!

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Same here. I rage donated and tripled the amount I put into the GFM.

I was disappointed when r/superstraight was banned, but this has lit a fire under my ass.

Does this mean they don't get the money raised up to this point? How does that work?

Yes, everything will be returned to donors within 7 days

Yeah, fuck that shit. Donating $500 right now.

Edit: Match me, if you can, yall.

Done gladly and I also have been giving monthly since this all started when they first got defunded.

VRR donation https://imgur.com/gallery/vjqyNY1

Those of us who can, should do it.

I will quadruple what I initially donated. I can’t match you just yet but I’ll make monthly allotments instead.


i cant do 500 but in spirit i will double my donation!

Goddamn girl, that's amazing! I donated $5 through SuperStraight, now I will donate $50. Fuck TRAs.

This will peak people even more.

I am waiting for a gencritic youtube channel or something from the dude that created the fundraising

He must have been peaked and repeaked during this whole thing.

What???? But they linked directly to the charity, it said that there would be no middle man and go directly to the charity PayPal??

I would expect the money to be "paid" to the charity from GoFundMe which is done weekly/monthly/it depends, if the website works like other similar ones used by charities. The money will go to gofundme at first, the creator of the campaign will never see them

However, I have never witnessed a campaign deleted by a platform, so it could be the case that the money is returned.

The auto-reply said the money would go back to the donors but I wasn't giving throuhh that side so I don't have a screen of it.

Almost 7 grand they raised and not a dime to the shelter. Unbelievable.

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It's shameful. These people do not care about women unless they're around to be abused and harassed and used for LARP material.

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I was crossposting with you so deleted mine.

Here's the archive link to his post on r/ LGBS in case the sub goes down, which is likely.

Apparently he now has a support ticket so maybe not all is lost.

Definitely donate direct to VRR when you can. I just find it a shame if they actually stopped the campaign.


Thread on LGBS


Please please please let them continue this campaign!!!! How could they shut this down when the charity was certified by GoFundMe????

I have never seen something like this. This should be investigated by the government (Canada or US) and get covered by newspapers. I am not exaggerating. The page said nothing beside "we are super straight and we want to donate to this rape shelter".

What is it that Gofundme did not like? A meme? or the rape shelter?

If a meme is hate speech, should we presume that no fundraiser has a Pepe? (I making this example because I have seen it fairly often on fundraising campaigns)

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Like if they don't like the person who started the fundraiser (edit ew I don't like him either look him up on reddit yuck) who cares. The money should all go to the charity. It makes no sense.

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