We'd be very obliged if any Welsh sisters on here could support us on this campaign. We're heading into an election and the politicians aren't telling us whether or not they support the Equality Act. Time to turn up the pressure.

They all seem obsessed with saying how they’ll make sure there’s no more lockdowns at the moment. As if saving people’s lives isn’t important. I haven’t seen any mention of the equality act in their flyers, but I’m not sure trans rights are currently in their radar anyway. I’m considering spoiling my ballot next week as I don’t care for any politician anymore.

You're not alone in thinking spoiling your ballot is the only option. We will be publishing a list of all the candidates who responded to our question soon, so that women can make as informed a choice as possible. Do keep an eye out for that.

We're also considering some kind of coordinated ballot-spoiling so that it gets a clear message across. Please follow our site and social media for more updates.

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Keep up the pressure , good work . Can you tell me how is the political climate rn in welsh regarding equality act ? Are their handmaidens in large numbers supporting TRA activism ?

It's not great to be honest. The issue has generated a lot more awareness in Scotland than in Wales. We'll be releasing our full data next week, but this is an indication of how it's going so far.