I just donated to WOLF. Let's aim for an initial target of $10,000 by the end of today. It is currently at $2,840. WOLF is fighting against the gravest human rights violation wrought by gender ideology (Men in Women's prisons). If you cannot donate, please share the link. They can use all of our help.

Thank you all so much for your support! With just 9 days left, we passed the $30K milestone today, and have about $19K left to raise. Each and every gift pushes our work forward and the gender ideologists back out of our spaces!

This year, your support enabled WoLF to defend women and girls in court through two litigation initiatives, two amicus briefs, numerous testimonies, four petitions, and fifteen targeted actions!

In early 2022, the California Inspector General will be investigating conditions at the women's prisons spurred by our public testimony and the righteous fury of supporters like you all. Thank you all for your votes of confidence in our work!