You now need to be level 15 to create invite codes for new registrants.

You now need to be level 15 to create invite codes for new registrants.


When trolls come in, they leave stuff that could be used to slander us. I have no idea if this is possible, but maybe new members could have a probationary period where their comments are visible to other members, but not hate readers and lurkers? And if there are too many complaints beforehand, they are banned?

I may have just suggested a stupid idea, so forgive me if I have. I don't want this place to be censorious but I don't want it sabotaged either.

I actually really like this idea — and I don’t think it’s censorious (in a bad way) if certain content is only visible to logged-in users. I think that’s already the case for viewing a specific user’s post history, so expanding that to also include posts / comments from new users below a certain account age (and/or account level) makes total sense to me.

I love this idea! I wonder if it would be difficult from a technical perspective.

I think that would make it confusing to follow convos

I would say to have a flair for "newbie", like there is a flair for "male".

I mostly lurk, and I have no idea what my current level is, but I think it's a great idea to require high levels before someone can provide invite codes. I was just the other day thinking about how I never see garbage here like on other forums, and I love it!

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Should we be being more careful with codes? Or can we still dispense them as before just only at higher levels?

I am pretty liberal with how I dispense them because I always figure it’s better for a troll to get in occasionally if it means someone genuine isn’t denied, is that okay?

It's not really an issue if you let a troll in. Once someone lets in multiple trolls we start thinking it's suspicious.

Does the person who invited the troll gets notified if this is the case?

I would def like to know if this was the case for me

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Good question, thanks.

edit: I don't have em yet but can see myself leaning toward invites at the risk of a troll.

They get shut down damned fast here anyway.

That’s exactly why I don’t worry too much, it’s not like they get to hang around for any length of time haha. But if the mods prefer we be more selective that’s fine with me.

People who can do a lot of damage to the community are also people who can spend a fair amount of time to create a fake profile

Although from my experience of giving codes there are def a series of communities and content very few TIMS would even imagine to post to fake being a woman

Right, I don't wanna make more work!

I'm sure I generate quite enough on my own.

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Could you tell us the rough percentage of troll accounts? I am wondering what the odds are. I do a skim of the social they asked on the weed out obvious socks.

It would be cool if we could know which codes ended up being booted... but I assume that would be a lot of work to implement.

I'd like that too, mostly because I have gone nose to nose with a troll in here and am curious to see who invited him.

I don't wanna punish anyone, mind ya. Anyone can make a mistake. I'm just damned nosey 😄 And I would love to learn the sort of bullshit women can fall for while actively trying their best to reject bad seeds.

I know for sure once I get invite codes and one of my sprouts acts an ass, I'll wanna know about it.

Me too, because so far I've not seen any trolls, and I've been on this site since last summer (lurked before committing). Wondering if it's because I mostly stick to the front page.

I think the mods are just super on top of it. If you go on a popular thread and scroll all the way to the bottom you may see some deleted comments.

I've never seen any trolls either. But then I have never handed out an invite code because I am so worried that you never really know what people think and I would hate to let one in. I have some close GC friends and family but they are either men or not IT literate. If anyone asks me online I direct them to the mods. Better to grow the site slowly and well.

Yeah, this feels right. I'm fairly inactive but still level 11. A higher level for invites makes sense.

Thanks for keeping us safe. :)

I think this makes sense. I remember being surprised at how quickly I could generate invite codes. If I remember correctly, I think it was after maybe a couple of weeks of pretty active commenting and posting - pretty easy to fake if you’re looking to invite trolls to the site.

I’ve actually never seen a troll comment on Ovarit yet. I’ve seen a few deleted comments that I assume might have been from a troll, but the mods are doing a phenomenal job at removing those comments and users quickly. Thanks, guys (,:

Yes ! I've never seen a troll here either. I have seen ideas i might not agree with and some discussions of course but no active trolling.

Was there an issue that prompted this? I'm just curious.

I'm going to try to be more active about handing out codes. I think I've sent out like 1 or 2. Mostly through reddit, but I'm using that less and less these days.

I'm inactive mostly, and quite new (though I've lurked since the beginning)- I haven't posted, but I wanted a code in case I ever had the desire. It took some time to find someone with codes to give-but I'm down for anything to protect this little community.

I agree. I had to delete an old account and make a new one and it took less than two weeks (for both accounts) to make it to that level. I didn't post a ton, either.

Nice one, girl_undone.

Nothing but thumbs up from me.

Thanks for tending this patch.

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