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Very nice. I've been looking forward to a place to just, like, enjoy things, while also not being in a toxic patriarchal environment

[–] ghostparrot 25 points Edited

Yes! It seems that so much of fandom for books/movies etc. is saturated with 'queer'/trans rhetoric. I just wanna talk about books in peace!

[–] Marmorsymphata 11 points Edited

One would hope that considering the abuse cognizant nature of this site the gross shipping crap won't get a foothold here either....

I was nearly banned from a fanfiction sub on reddit for saying that pedophilic incest doesn't become acceptable just because it's a ship and gay 🙄

I love shipping and it really improves and deepens my enjoyment of a fandom, but I'm way past the sort of 'kink meme', everything is gay, everyone is trans teenaged fujoshi aspects of it.

G_U, you are amazing! Thank you for building our community and giving us more spaces to gather and talk!

[–] Cataclysmic 9 points Edited

This is great! Could we have a health/medical circle at some point?

Yes! I’m wondering why these new circles, which are a great addition, came before a women’s health circle. All of us have some sort of women’s health issue at some point, but not all of us are interested in tv, movies, or games.

Moderation. I really wanted to get (women's) fitness and health up at the same time but health is a serious, contentious, complicated topic that needs knowledgeable and somewhat dedicated moderation. The search continues.

Good luck! I patiently await the creation of a health circle. :)

Thank you so much! This definitely makes me want to log in more often.

[–] Rae 2 points

Thank you mods!!

If there is any interest in an /o/ecology circle I will happily be an active poster and/or mod (idk if that's an option).

Also, is there already a circle to post anti-porn/anti-prostitution content in?

This is really great!! Reddit and everywhere else are sooooo dominated by men (or I suspect, teenage boys). It's very annoying when all conversations only cover their POVs. And as a middle age woman who loves sci-fi, I often lose interest very quickly when I realize the person talking back at me when I mention anything relating to women is some teenage boys. They and I are on different planets.

Not just teenage boys but men too. I was very inspired by the character Cpt. Samantha Carter from Stargate SG1 as a teen, but when I got a hold of the earlier seasons I never saw because I was a child while they were airing on TV, I was in horror upon seeing the first episode and how the show runners used female nudity to attract male audience members.