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He is typical. He is not an outlier. This is what they are. All of them. They are all rapists - either they already have or would at any opportunity.

Maybe I'm too old for this, but how can any platform allow for such disgusting and detailed violent description without any sort of repercussion?

i reported it several times and the account is deleted now apparently! believe me my stomach turned when i read it, it is so deeply vile.

Underneath all of the make-up, wigs, dresses and gynecomastia, is simply another man that hates women.

What platform is this?

I think it’s Tumblr, and the account has been deleted. If you google the username, the old info comes up, but the account is gone.

im so glad they deleted them, i literally screenshotted and reported this post as soon as i saw it this morning.

That is a pleasant surprise that Tumblr actually followed up and did the right thing. Way to go on reporting him, and also taking a screenshot. 👍

What a fucking creep, even if it’s a troll. So many TIMs share this little “fantasy” of theirs (even on their main accounts) that I’m inclined to believe it’s a real TIM though.