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I'm no Jess de Wahls, but I figured in her honour I'd show one of my own flower embroideries.

Absolutely beautiful! Well done, sister! One of my favorite plants out there, I have one that popped up right next to my driveway that I have put a trellis for it to climb up...most people around here think of them as weeds and either mow them or pull them out of the ground...makes me sad. Your work put a giant smile on my face 😁

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Aw, I'm so happy it made you smile! Take good care of yours, they're so pretty. And they have some medicinal use too, if I remember right?

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So lovely!!! I am curious what needles you use?

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I'm afraid I have no idea what brand they are - I got a box of sewing stuff from my grandmother, and I've just been using the tapestry needles I found in a small unlabelled box somewhere in that stack of stuff. Sorry. It's a size 22 tapestry needle, maybe that already helps?

And thank you!

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ah! thank you! that does help. I add embroidery and other details to my clothes, just using the sewing needles I have, but the eye of the needles only allows for very small threads.

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Oh yeah, for that embroidery needles are much better. There are also some embroidery ones with pointed tips instead of the tapestry ones, they probably work better for clothes because they don't require to stab precisely between threads, so you could also look for those!