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Rushdie has been such an inspirational figure for free expression rights. Hope he comes out of this attack okay, and that he is able to use it to further promote freedom of speech.

Also, wishing JK Rowling well, too...the queen of free speech and women's sex-based rights...that she may avoid the frothing fanatics, whether they be extremist Islamists or extremist gender identitarians...

It's not sounding good, but he's still alive so far, albeit seriously injured :/

JKR tweeted about the attack on Rushdie, and, as to be expected, got replies from people wishing her similar or worse harm. Truly sick.

A lot of the famous authors who didn't stick by JKR are praising Rushdie and his defense of freedom of speech.

That's... honestly that's a good point. Why is it a valiant act of free speech to offend Muslims, but "literal violence/genocide" etc. to offend trans people?

FWIW I obviously support both these writers' right to speak freely.