Read it yesterday. I'm happy this piece was published.

We're basically in this fascinating situation where writers are not allowed to write any unpleasant characters, because they end up accused of holding the views of any and all their characters.

The only mode of fiction "allowed" this way is didacticism.

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I read Normal People and watched the Hulu series and really liked both. I barely remember that scene about Asians because many books that take place in or visit modern Italy mentions the plethora of Asian tourists. I've read some books that are derogatory towards Asian tourists, but there was nothing offensive or memorable about it in this book.

Also, I highly recommend reading the book, especially because it criticizes kinky/violent sex and sex positive university culture.

Anyone here ever heard of Benjanun Sriduangkaew?

No. Do tell...

A writer of science fiction who, a few years ago became notorious for accusing competing writers (often women of color) of being racist or “heteronormative,” and going after them viciously online. Seems to have damaged and even ended some burgeoning careers. An early rumbling of cancel culture.

Funny, the cancel culture ghouls never think about how if anyone can get canceled, that also includes them.

Good article. Don’t know Sally Rooney, or her books, and apparently that wilfully stupid writer at the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH was never more appropriate) doesn’t either.