I can’t reproduce what I did though. I’m using an iPad, and my finger flicked over the list of posts, and this one randomly opened. I noticed I could edit the post. I deleted the “!” and then put it back and took the screen cap. I shouldn’t have had edit access to the post at all, and when I tried to reproduce what I did, I couldn’t. Sorry I don’t have more info.

[–] grrrandma Developer 4 points

Thanks for the bug report. You clicked the "source" link below the post text, which shows you the unformatted text of the post. The bug is that it lets you edit that text, but it doesn't send your edits back to the server. If you click the source link, or refresh the page it will show you the original text. The save link that is next to source in your screenshot will add the post to your list of saved posts.

ah, ok. Yes, I wouldn’t have clicked that link again when I tried to reproduce. Thanks for letting me know.