Whenever I turn on the iPad, I can’t get the Ovarit tab that was there last time to work. It won’t refresh; I get this odd code on the tab instead. Happens whether I use Safari, Firefox or Opera. The site comes up if I close that tab and start with a new blank on, but this is the only site where I have this problem.

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Thanks for the bug report. Changing browsers is unlikely to help because on iOS they are all the same underneath the branding. Have you tried clearing the browser data for Ovarit in your settings?

Tried again (it’s only Safari that has the clear data thing in Settings) - no difference. The tab in Opera came up blank and gave that strange code when I refreshed it.

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Sorry, I'm stumped. I did some searching on the Apple developer discussion forums and their webkit bug list but wasn't able to find any other similar error reports. That error message doesn't look like the sort of thing that is intended to be shown to the user of the device, so to answer the question in your post title, I'm going with "iPad fail".