Excellent head's up! I keep watching for republication of books like this one, and still feel sad that two different more recent lesbian photography projects meant to show the diversity of lesbian lives and comportment both seem to have stalled. Carolyn Gage had one started, and then there was another that was associated with Michfest that I can't even find reference to anymore. :(

There were a lot of qualifiers for this review. Or because the reviewer is afraid it might cause a controversy because it's sans Trans Lesbians.

Considering there were no men calling themselves lesbians in 1979, they would have had difficulty scrounging any up.

Thank god.

Those pictures are from the hippie, granola and Teva sandals period. If I remember correctly the pictures were generational. It shows older Lesbian to the young ones who looked like hippies.

I started coming out at 18 in 1981. I'm glad I can have a piece of my History in pictures.

The portraits in the book were taken in the 1970s after JEB traveled across the country seeking out and photographing a diverse group of lesbians in both rural and urban areas. It was a courageous act at a time when discrimination against lesbians was widespread.

I came out in 1978. That time period is indelible in my mind and honestly, looking at the pictures makes me sad for the lesbian community that we have lost.

I felt that there was less discrimination against lesbians back then, compared to today.

What's the title of the book? The article is behind a paywall.