Youtube has some documentaries about the Aquatic Ape theory including interviews with an elder Elaine Morgan herself.

If it has been debunked on paleoanthropological grounds, I would be interested in knowing what those are.

Yes, I read it some time ago. It’s interesting, but I think a lot of it is speculative rather than backed up by scientific observation/research. I got the feeling it was written partly as a corrective to Desmond Morris’s sexist and mostly evidence-free The Naked Ape.

I read it ages ago and really liked it. I do think there's something to the aquatic ape theory, but more like we evolved on the shore (and still prefer to live there) than that we were completely aquatic at any point. Among other things, the ideal diet for building a bigger brain is a surf and turf diet, though I didn't get that from her.

The only place I got bogged down was in a different book of hers about children, and something about how our brains evolved, that made no sense.

I wondered how many folk have read it or heard of it? Would appreciate a comment poll of Read/heard/nope and any further takes you would care to express.