Just a reminder to be cautious about sharing personal info if you decide to contact one of these groups.

I used to cringe at "womyn", "wimmin", etc., when those terms started popping up decades ago. They seemed silly, overwrought. My attitude about them has changed pretty dramatically, thanks to delusional and fetishistic men taking over "woman". I'm kinda grateful for them now. The old school feminist connection is heart warming. Kinda like pulling an old wool blanket out of a box in the attic.

Looks like the women in the woods event doesn’t have a webpage set up :( I tried searching but only saw women hunting groups, which is not what I want lol

Is the webpage listed out of commission? I know money was tight for them.

I just get to a page that says that the domain name is available for purchase. I guess that’s what happened.

True. They meet only in real life, not online. That is the intake email address to ask to become a member.

That’s a url not an email address. I would happily email them if someone could provide it to me? This is right up my alley..