Yes, my partner and I will be there for sure, with our four closest friends too✊

eee! Did you go to past festivals? Anything you need to know? Is it just like bring everything you need,, park in a lot, march in, support your selves? Though I'm guessing you can buy food and what not? Like I've gone to Burning Man and regional burns so I Can do all these things but good to know what's expected.

Yes, we’ve been to Michigan Framily Reunion (MFR) every year except the first one🙂 It’s amazing to be in woman-only space with 1000 women!!! Food is either bring your own (if you want to save money), or buy from the 2-3 food trucks available each day. If you are a craftswoman or feminist store owner who would enjoy selling your stuff in a womyn only space, you can apply to be a vendor at MFR as well. It’s a great way to meet a bunch of sisters easily (one of my friends met her partner this way), and a good place to sell political art, or other things you may not be as comfortable selling at mainstream art fairs.

Pooping myself over the 3000 rules that involve being considerate of others ❤️

Any particular ones? I saw guidelines about camping. Did I miss something?

I seriously want to go! I need a women's festival. But last time I checked, it was seriously insinuated that all womeb were welcome and no woman would be turned away (and that no one was gonna check genitals).

We’ve gone for years. They do not hesitate to turn away men who attempt to attend. The organizer (Dawn Smith) gets constant rape threats and death threats for her woman only policy.💜

From the site, "While many want to label this as an exclusive space, I frame this not as a negative space but as a space that LOVES and HONORS women. We are not anti anything, we are pro-pussy, pro- vagina, pro-women. We refuse to deny our body. We refuse to be shamed for our bodies. We refuse to allow you to call our vulva and vagina a front hole. ​We value our experience. We honor our uniqueness. We honor that each of us has a unique experience depending how we are born and raised and culturized.
We have a right to gather. We have a right to acknowledge our female experience. ... If you cannot come because of other reasons, then share this information, tell a friend, tell another women, tell a young woman!! The world is changing and many young women do not understand the value of protecting and being in a WBW space. They have been raised to be all inclusive and accepting because those are the rights we fought so hard. ... Please support women born women spaces. We will lose these spaces. We are disappearing. I refuse to become smaller so others can feel bigger and supported. Claiming a woman born woman space is NOT HATE. We do not hate! We do not want or advocate violence. ... It's not all about everyone. It's about the women. We will keep holding this space for you sisters. We will keep our vision at the forefront. We will protect and continue to value your WBW experience. Thank you."

This is from 2018 but I think it still holds true.

I'm cautiously optimistic it won't be a sausage fest - I feel like I saw things indicating it was for real women.