I fell out of my chair when TC said he was ashamed of Republicans, and ashamed of their backing of big business. WHAT

He clearly has a lot of respect for Kara. He gave her an entire hour without pushing back or talking over her, looking for a gotcha. I have a kneejerk negative reaction to him, but honestly I can't imagine more civil treatment of her and her ideas.

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I have a kneejerk negative reaction to him, but honestly I can't imagine more civil treatment of her and her ideas.

Absolutely agree with this. I never would have thought I'd ever say this, but I found him quite likable in this. (I'm sure this will be the only context though that I feel that way.)

She was remarkable as ever. He's correct when he says how there's no one who explains these things more coherently than she does.

Dansky is slaying dragons! Imma Park Isabella 's last interview of Dansky here - till I figure out posting on Ovarit. Thx for everything, women of Ovarit! We rock!


here’s the other videos:

KD on Tucker — Part 2 [2/5] https://youtu.be/YTAphGeQeG4

KD on Tucker — Part 3 [3/5] https://youtu.be/vVPgilJqvKY

KD on Tucker — Part 4 [4/5]


KD on Tucker — Part 5 [5/5] https://youtu.be/RdfTb1cUvfE

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Listened to this in the car, she did great. I hope liberal media starts taking this seriously and picks up on it. It's terrible that the only people that will listen to Kara is someone like Tucker right now. This isn't a "right wing" issue, this is women and children's rights, it concerns both sides of the spectrum.

I want to see her on Maddow, on the View, on 60 Minutes, and definitely on Bill Maher. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes. If she's trying to get on there, or if they are actively ignoring her or what. Impressed Tucker gave her the full hour. Maybe his show always works like that, dunno, but I hope it reached a big audience.

Thanks for posting! Good interview. Gotta say: my only reference for Tucker Carlson is his interviews with Kara (never even heard of him before she started appearing on his show), in all of which he comes across as a calm and respectful presenter — which is not something I can say about many of the supposed "leftist GC ally" men whose interviews with feminists on this issue I've heard. So, it's always weird to me when everybody says that otherwise, he's a complete monster. XD

She was absolutely fantastic.

Too bad absolutely no one I know would watch it. Athough he acted decently in this interview, Tucker Carlson is an anathema.

I think that's awful if women won't watch it because Tucker is sitting there. He gave her the floor and didn't talk over her or disagree on anything. How many of those same women have watched pro-women guests debate pro-trans? If a woman can sit through Kellie-Jay's recent attackers just to see her, certainly a woman can sit through Tucker just sitting there agreeing?