Did it help?

Did it help?


love it. Used it all through a strength building/bulking semester last year, added a good bit to my lifts. I take it every day, so I'm not sure how I'd perform without it now (as in, would I notice an increase in soreness and a slight reduction in my performance?). I have the financial means to take it daily, so I'll continue to do so. but I take it at a lower dose of 3-4g/day instead of the usual 5g.

I take it at a lower dose of 3-4g/day instead of the usual 5g.


creatine can sometimes move the old bowels. for me, the slightly lower dose helps! also helps save me $$ by extending a tub

I've dabbled with it. Never noticed any changes at all, honestly.

In terms of how fast I feel recovered after I lift weights, I do feel a slight reduction in how sore I am the next day. I am older though (49), so a younger person might feel more of an effect. I feel that if you're going to supplement, protein powder (whether whey or collagen) gives you far more bang for the buck, particularly if you have trouble hitting your protein goals through your meals alone. But if money is not a concern, creatine is the most studied supplement out there, so it's worth a try to see if it's a net plus for you.

It just made me pee constantly and I already have enough problems with that, so had to stop. It didn't seem to do anything for me otherwise, but I might not have been on it long enough.

I don't know if it helps with my lifts, but I'm quite sure it makes my muscles bigger (more water?).