What are your fitness goals this month?

Got anything to boast about? Anything you're proud of?

Comment here!

What are your fitness goals this month? Got anything to boast about? Anything you're proud of? Comment here!


Hey all! Who wants to do YWA April 2022 Daily Yoga?

I really do love Yoga With Adriene. She is amazing for:

  1. Getting to the true purpose/nature of yoga, not Western-washing it as just a work out.

  2. Knowing exactly what you are probably doing wrong and what adjustments you need at that moment. "Don't lock your knee here". "Make sure your pelvis is tilted".

  3. Making adjustments for all levels and abilities.

The April series is here, if anyone wanted to follow a calendar. Reading the comments is also great.



If you sign up you get occasional encouragement emails.

Edit: And I literally just roll out of bed in the morning with the computer tab pre-opened and do it in my pajamas.

I'm doing my first in-person race in 2 years this month!! between Covid and pregnancy, it has been a while and I am excited. Also, after taking a few weeks off running (mostly due to frigid weather) and adding strength training as a replacement, I am noticing significant improvements in distance and stamina with my running. I'm not up to pre-pregnancy levels yet, but I am well on my way which has me feeling motivated and more like myself if that makes sense.

That's so cool! It's so interesting to me how strength training translates into other domains.

I got rid of my Covid weight.

Currently doing deep contemplation of whether it would be viable to move to a completely plant based diet.

I love meat, bread, butter, cheese, seafood and eggs. If It was humanly I would chop up French fries and snort them.


Who would of thought stopping eating pizza everyday and drinking a gallon of sweet tea contributed to this to this weight loss. /S

So, if you want to move to a PBT let me know if you want any tips, pantry/recipe suggestions, favorite food subs, etc.

This is my entire passion.

Also just at the doctor and he freaked when he heard I was WFPB and said it was the best thing you could do for your health.

I know. I've been watching the documentary "Eating to Death." It's really been mind blowing. Just like Big Tobacco had scientists who increase the levels of nicotine in cigarettes, there's a processed food equivalent of scientists who create chemical that activate a person's craving response. This is especially true in poorer neighborhoods with the cornucopia of Snacks.

Yeah, I taught nutrition in a food desert. We would make field trips to bodegas to see how you could cultivate a decent meal.

A great old school documentary is of course, Forks Over Knives.

I hear amazing things about The Game Changers, though it is directed towards men.

The government is also so complicit for subsidizing meat and dairy, and requiring school children to drink milk when 80% of blacks, hispanics, and Asians are lactose intolerant.

But seriously, if you want any healthy subs for favorite foods, etc, let me know, I just made a velveeta-tasting cheese dip from cauliflower and spices.

Going to start doing my wrist and hand exercises again.

Walking every day again.

Basic things, but I know the difference made will be huge.

I’m going to try to do a little rehab/resistance twice a week. Taking my dumbbells and bands to my dad’s place to work out with him, it’ll be more convenient for me and a nice change for him, he enjoys exercise.

90% of my life is caregiving drudgery, this will be luxurious

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Ran my first 6km aiming to increase and run more consistently. Walk 10km every morning too. I really enjoy walking I did 313km in March and I just wanna continue with that. Sadly winter is on the way so all depends on the weather.

I'm having a lot of fun exercising. I learned long ago that slogging away on a stationary bike or treadmill doesn't work for me, but that I'll gladly spend hours exercising in the outdoors as long as the fun factor is high. I love enjoying nature, learning new skills, and taking risks - helps me feel alive and like myself.

Thank you for the space to share!

A little over two years ago I changed a big part of my life in hopes of getting a better handle on my mental and physical health. I decided to work on regaining my yoga practice after neglecting it for several years. Unfortunately, a week after this big change, studios and gyms were closed for several months. I didn't make much progress on my yoga practice, and my stress-based health issues got worse for a while.

Someone in my family has needed to be cared for recently, and I gave so much of myself I hit rock bottom and reached out to friends to get some help.

I finally found a studio that I love that runs lots of different types of classes. I've been going twice a week for a month and I feel wonderful, better mentally than I have in ages.

I'm trying to spread the love and invite as many people who I think would be interested as I can (not entirely successfully so far but working on it) because I needed that help and got it. Now I have the energy to give it again and am happy to do so.

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Trying to complete Caroline Girvan's Epic Endgame. The first week was great but this week has been KILLER and I keep taking extra rest days. Might have something to do with the over 100 temperatures trying to murder me :') .