[raises hand] I have been playing since the original blue and red games and I will be playing violet.

Can't wait to add Fidough to my team. Little yeasty marmite bread dog. 🐕🥰😍

Hello! I am a very avid player of the Pokemon games too!

Are you playing sword and shield or legends arceus? :D

I used to love the games and anime as a kid but I lost interest after BW2. Pixels > 3D models.

Gen 2 ftw.

Cubone bone! Cubone. 🦴

I might not get to playing the new games right away, since God of War Ragnarok comes out just 9 days prior.

ME ME ME!!! I love Pokémon. I’ve been into the show, videos games, trading card game ever since it came to the states in 98! My favorite Pokémon is Smeargle since it is the artist Pokémon. What is your favorite?

Yes! So excited for the new game. I've been trying to convince my friends to get it so we can play together lol

Out of all the new Pokémon revealed so far, which do you like best?

Ugh, so far they look pretty great. But if I have to choose, I will go with Sprigatito because I just love cats irl and as pokemon. I also like Farigiraf, it looks like it's wearing a costume! And Lechonk, the best named pokemon.

What is yours?

I absolutely loved Pokemon in the early 2000s and still have a soft spot for it today! When I was around 4 or 5 I was obsessed with Pikachu and would always pretend to be him whenever playing lol. I owned the first movie on VHS and would rent out the episodes on VHS from the library. I also had a major crush on ash when I was like 7 😂

Kadabra is beautiful and cute and the most powerful and it's not my fault you’re wrong.

True...but I offer you...Espeon(my beloved)

Espeon isn’t bad. I’ve always disliked the hype around first gen Eeveelutions, but was happy to see them branching out.

Yess! However, none of the new Eeveelutions got as much attention as Sylveon. Sylveon stole the show