If so what are your favorite mods?

If so what are your favorite mods?


Would remove the pronouns if I could :(

If this ever happens (I doubt it since the Sims has unfortunately been overrun with TRAs) and someone from here finds it, please share it! I'd love to get rid of them too.

I'm not understanding why EA couldn't have made this a toggleable feature. It could've been on by default but as long as there was an option to turn it off I wouldn't have cared much. Just the fact that it was forced on us was really annoying.

MCCC, WonderfulWhims (or wicked, if you want NSFW), Basemental Drugs, Zero and Kuttoe's mods and a heaping helping of bienchen and littlemssam bugfixes are the bare minimum I need to play the game, and then I remember the actual game is still kinda boring and go back to CAS and building.

yeah. I use Mccommand center, LittleMsSam, and Carl's mods. That's just to get it to normal. Sims4me has a whim overhaul and Zerbu has good utility ones, like making all worlds residential, travel anywhere and i thin it's sero that actually has a mod that let's your sim have multiple jobs. I donno something about playing a part time uni student with two part time job as a rags to riches seems more realistic to me. I think it then lets you join multiple afterschool activities too.

If youre looking for more careers Kiara has a lot. Chingyu and Kuttoe have a bunch of personality traits.

I can’t for the life of me figure out Mccommand center, I installed it this weekend because I was hoping it could limit the clothes my NPCe can wear in my medieval neighborhood

Otherwise I really like the no school hack, having a bus pull up feels ver inauthentic

Mccc, wicked whims, T.O.O.L, and about 20gb of cc, mainly for CAS