I'm glad that the Elder Scrolls Online, which I've recently gone back to playing, has hardly any revealing armor for women. There's a couple of styles that show midriff and that's it. I have a laugh when I see men on the forums and reddit complaining about that.

One thing I will always give Bethesda credit for it allowing mods for their games. I wish WoW, back when I played it, had this option.

Definitely. Mods are a great tool - I love vanilla Skyrim, but I wouldn't play it without mods anymore.

I guess it is harder with online games, though.

That is why I loved Wildstar a lot, when it was alive. Every costume and armor was not sexualized on more or less practical - for both sexes (except few bugged cloths and bikinis, which were added near game closure).

I don't have skyrim for pc but I'm so glad to see a mod like this! I'm so sick of the endless sexy female mods/armor/animations. God forbid women exist in a game and NOT be titillating.

The woman who made it has a comment stickied that says something alone the lines of "I don't go to bikini armor mods to yell at people so how about live and let live" because she kept getting flak for it. I'm so glad this mod exists, honestly.

That's good. I don't have it installed at the moment, but i always cringe a bit when people put up the base game armour as a good example in r/mendrawing women.

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Mendrawingwomen is an absolute joke. One time I actually saw someone posted kill la kill as a good example of female character design. Literally it's just horny dudes justifying objectifying character designs but pretending they have standards about it. Lol sorry it's just I hate that sub and wish there was actually a version that lived up to its name.

Definitely. I also use a couple other mods together with this to fix armors and outfits not covered by this one, like the Forsworn one (which is really the worst out of all of them). It's much better for my immersion and fun when the fighting women look like they're wearing something they'll survive a fight in.

I agree, it does break immersion when you know you should have frozen to death halfway up Throat of the World.

Thank you! I'll definitely add this the next time I boot up Skyrim on PC. I love this. Really nicely done.