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Wow so pretty! even the pot is pretty. This is a very loved plant 🌱

[–] Ronja 4 points (+4|-0)

I love the deep, dark green. If I could have a room in that color, I would. You must work incredibly hard to keep your plants so healthy -- respect! Are figs difficult, btw?

[–] Nasrin [OP] 4 points (+4|-0)

Fiddle leaf are kind of demanding, a bit like crotons, where once you find what they like it's a breeze but before that it's just stressful.

I regularly hear that they're either easier than people think or harder than they imagined. Which may depend on someone's experience / plant care routine.

I personally think they're not bad at all as long as they're getting enough light, regular watering, and good fertilizing. If they aren't getting enough light though, or get stuck in a drafty spot I've found they're really punishing.

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Thank you! This fits very well with the trial and error I've been putting my Codiaeum aucubaefolia (gold spotted croton) through. It loves water and seems to crave sunlight. When I found it, it was sold as a "mini" and instructions said to give it lots of light but shield it from direct sunlight, cue my confusion after a while when it seems to stretch for the sun. And lo and behold, it is not actually a "mini" anymore, and I've had to replant it as I don't want to stunt its growth or bar it from reaching its potential. It really shows when it wants water (or reveals what a bad plant mom I am). I should probably get better soil for it as it sits in nursery soil(?) - I don't know if that's what one calls it. The top of the soil has sadly attracted a white lacy mold, as have many other of my potted plants. Is moss coverings a good idea for this croton as a means to retain moisture (and avoid mold) or would it compete for resources?

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Mold is usually a sign of a little too much water or too much misting. I put my crotons in a mix of regular potting soil and orchid mix so that is fast draining and heavy soak it once a week in the summer. In the winter once every other week and a light watering is issuance good.

Honestly I think croton all have their own personality, one of healthiest I've ever seen should by all accounts have been dead from underwater and another of the same species was just as hairy and should have had root rot from how wet it always was.

My philosophy is once the croton is happy, don't change anything until you have to repot... and then sometimes it will throw a tantrum and you have to learn how to make it happy all over again. One of mine is enthralled after the move last month and the other placed right next to it is pitching a fit and likely will need to be moved for no seemingly logical reason!

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I always see these plants in people's photographs in a corner. Do they not need much light?

[–] Nasrin [OP] 3 points (+3|-0)

Oh they need plenty, mine receives light from a window and a grow light that hangs directly above it. I sometimes wish they like light a little less.

They like to have a bit of space and be away from drafts, which is likely why you see many in a corner. They like to snuggle in a crevice as long as it's brightly lit.

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Nice! The time I started to get a nice figs, I accidently left them out when it got too cold and they never came back. :'(

Do you let yours enter dormancy?